Dying Light 2 Aitor Herbs Choice, Give Small Petals or Big Petals

Aitor is one of the most important characters in the first section of Dying Light 2. Being the leader of the Peacekeepers in Old Villador, you will need to deal with him if you want to get to the Central Loop (the next section of the game), where you can continue the search for your sister. Of course, after the culmination of the events in Old Villador, your relationship with him can change drastically depending on what you have chosen to do and who to side with there. Regardless of your past choices, you will run into Aitor one other time shortly after. He is sick and needs your help. Our Give Herbs or Not Aitor Choice Dying Light 2 Small Petals or Big Petals guide will tell you which is the best choice to pick here.

Give Herbs or Not Aitor Choice Dying Light 2 Small Petals or Big Petals

Give Herbs or Not Aitor, Small Petals or Big Petals Choice Dying Light 2 Consequences

After you get the necessary herbs and bring them back to Steven, you will be presented with several choices over what to do. Patricia will urge you not to give the herbs, since she thinks that Margaret is a witch, while Steven will insist you give the herbs to him so that he can administer them to Aitor. Either small petals or big petals. But that’s not all, you can also “Radio Lawan for advice” to see what you should do. If you choose this option, she will tell you that the small petals are the right choice.

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So, “I give Aitor the small petals.” is the correct answer if you want to save Aitor’s life. This boils down to how you feel about Aitor. But even if you don’t particularly like the man, you have to ask yourselves if letting him die is the right answer. As usual, role-play your Aiden to the best of your abilities and be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions.

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