Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working Possible Fix

There are a number of possible fixes for the survivor sense not working in Dying Light 2. None of them are gonna solve the problem for good, but they are quick workarounds that you can do on the fly while you wait for the devs to patch the bug out. You can use the fixes we rattle off below to get you through the game until then. Just be careful and don’t go running into the dark if your survivor sense is on the fritz. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

dying light 2 survivor sense not working possible fix
Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working Possible Fix

How to Fix Survivor Sense Not Working Bug in Dying Light 2

To fix the Dying Light 2 survivor sense not working bug, there are several things you can do. Mind you, none of these solutions are permanent; you’ll probably have to repeat them when necessary. But first off, I do have to mention one important thing – on consoles, you’re supposed to press and hold the right analog stick. So, if you just press the right stick and don’t hold it, the survivor sense will not activate. If you are doing everything properly, and still can’t get the mechanic to trigger, here are some possible fixes.

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The first option is to press and hold the analog stick and wiggle it around a little. Next, you can try to take your weapon out, just do a simple block, and see whether that resets it. If that doesn’t work, try crouching and standing back up. Another option is to go into the inventory and back out. If none of those work, then the only other potential solution is to exit to the main menu and come back. Those are the possible fixes for the survivor sense not working in Dying Light 2. If you have any others, let us know in the comments.

I have to repeat here, these are all temporary solutions. They will only give you reprieve, and the survivor sense might stop working after a while. The only true fix can come from the developers putting out a patch. Hopefully, they’re gonna get to it soon. If your survivor sense doesn’t trigger in a key moment, you can end up bumping into a horde of zombies sleeping in the dark, setting them all off.

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  1. P

    You WILL accidentally bump into a horde of zombies* this is among the worst bugs to add to the pile. The next being the intermittent disappearance of the compass/minimap.

  2. S

    I had a question because I don’t think it was mentioned anywhere in this article, are these temporary fixes? 😀

  3. V
    Vincent Divita

    Better be hella good DLC coming up. $100+ for something this disfunctional is infuriating. My most consistent “fix”on Xbox one is to press the start button twice and back out with the B button twice. Does not want to work on the Baba 3 mission where it’s most needed for tracking a John Bolton.

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