Saint Thomas Church Safe Code Dying Light 2 Saint Paul Island

The Dying Light 2 Saint Thomas Church safe code on Saint Paul Island is one of many such codes you’ll have to find in order to open the safe and take the inhibitor that lies within. There’s always a catch, however. In this case, the code is not hidden behind some kind of riddle or math problem, but the briefcase with the solution is very difficult to find. So, let’s see where it is, shall we?

saint thomas church safe code dying light 2 saint paul island
Saint Thomas Church Safe Code Dying Light 2 Saint Paul Island

Saint Thomas Church Safe Code Dying Light 2 Saint Paul Island

The code to the Saint Thomas church safe in Dying Light 2 on Saint Paul Island is actually right above the location of the safe. For now, I’ll assume that you’ve already found the safe; we’ll cover how to reach it below. Anyway, head out the window to the right of the safe (the one through which you can see masking tape fluttering from a gargoyle). Clamber onto that gargoyle (be careful, the hit detection is a little wonky), then onto the roof straight above it. That’s where you’ll find a briefcase in which the safe code is. It’s 4/4/4, if you don’t feel like climbing. So, now climb back to the safe and enter the code to get the inhibitor inside.

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So, that’s basically all you need to do about the Saint Paul Island Saint Thomas church safe code in Dying Light 2. As for the safe itself, it’s near the top of the church’s bell tower. To reach it, we had to use the grappling hook; I don’t know if there’s any other way around it. Enter through the main doors and climb the wall immediately to the left. Follow this path and use the hook to swing over to the other side, back across the church to the new platform. Continue and find the movable plywood sheet in the room with the piano. Nudge it to the side to reveal the entrance into the bell tower. Now just climb all the way to the room above the bell, and there’s the safe. Check out our Dying Light 2 Safe Codes for info on other safes and their combinations.

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    You can definitely easily get up here without the grappling hook. Plenty of places to climb! Thanks for the code location

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