Help Hakon or Leave Hakon to Die Choice Dying Light 2

Hakon is one of the most interesting characters in Dying Light 2. You will meet him at the start of the game, and for a long time, he will act as a sort of mentor to you, teaching you about the game world and gameplay mechanics. Your feelings towards him may swing wildly from love, to irritation, even hatred. Be warned, because what follows is a huge spoiler. At a certain point in the game, Hakon will get wounded by a mysterious sniper. This will lead to a massive revelation about Hakon, one which will change the very nature of your relationship. When this happens, you will be presented with a choice – to help Hakon or to let him die. This is a big choice, and you’re no doubt wondering what is the best option to pick here. In this Help Hakon or Leave Hakon to Die Choice Dying Light 2 guide, we will cover both choices and their consequences.

Help Hakon or Leave Hakon to Die Choice Dying Light 2

Help Hakon Choice Dying Light 2

This will occur at the end of the “Revolution” story quest. As Hakon leaves through the door, he is suddenly shot by a sniper. When you talk with him, it will then turn out that Hakon is harboring a huge secret. In fact, this secret is so big that Aiden will be well in his right to leave Hakon to die. If you choose to help Hakon instead, Aiden will need to track down the sniper. This begins the “Snipers’ Alley” quest. You need to be careful here, since being out in the open will allow the sniper to shoot you. After you find the sniper, Hakon will thank you, though your relationship is now practically over.

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Leave Hakon to Die Choice Dying Light 2

On the other hand, you can simply leave Hakon to his fate. If you select this, Aiden will go out the other side and won’t deal with the sniper. Of course, this is likewise a completely legitimate choice, but Deciding Hakon’s faith may impact the ending of the game, so tread carefully in your Dying Light 2 choices. Basically, try to role-play as much as possible and build your Aiden according to what sort of person you want him to become. The ending of the game will reflect that.

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