Little Boy Safe Code Dying Light 2 New Dawn Park

As you are no doubt already aware, Dying Light 2 is a huge game. The sheer size and scope of DL2 means that there is a great mix of easy-to-handle content, as well as more difficult quests and tasks for you to undertake. This harder content usually comes in the form of optional side-quests and similar things you can do for additional loot. However, even among these, several stand out as being particularly complicated to do and figure out. The Little Boy Safe Code in Dying Light 2 New Dawn Park is one such puzzle that can take a lot of time and effort to solve. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you with that.

Little Boy Safe Code Dying Light 2 New Dawn Park

Safe Code Little Boy Dying Light 2 New Dawn Park

The Little Boy Safe is in a building in New Dawn Park. We’ve marked the location in a screenshot below. When you get there, climb and enter this building. Inside, you will see a safe up on the shelf directly in front of you. Of course, it is locked. Turn around. You will see a cabinet there. Approach it and open it. Inside, you will find an envelope. Pick it up and read it. It reads: “Little Boy – Length (feet) – Diameter (inches) – Filling weight (kg). Now, these are obviously measurements for something, but what could it be?

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Like the Moonshine safe code, this is another safe code that is based on historical trivia. The Little Boy refers to the codename for the Atomic Bomb which was dropp on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. And the length, diameter, and filling weight are the specs for the bomb itself. These are 10 (feet), 28 (inches), and 64 (kilograms). Go back to the safe and input the code: 10-28-64. The safe will open and you can now loot what is inside of it (including another Easter Egg duckie).

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