Dying Light 2 Sophie or Aitor Major Choice Consequence

While there are many important choices in Dying Light 2, some of these are far more important than the rest. These are so-called “crossroad choices”. You will easily be able to tell these plot-critical choices thanks to their unique icon of a line splitting off into two forks, signifying that you have to make an important choice that will have major ramifications. The earliest of these crossroad choices is to go to Sophie or go to Aitor. Naturally, both of them will have huge consequences. To help you get the choice – and outcome – best suited for you, our Go to Aitor or Go and Meet Sophie Major Choice Consequence Dying Light 2 guide will explore both of these options and what they lead to.

Go to Aitor or Go and Meet Sophie Major Choice Consequence Dying Light 2

Go to Aitor Dying Light 2 Choice Consequences

You will receive this choice during “The Raid” quest. After saving Carl, Aiden will try to call Sophie. Carl will instruct you to go to the Tango Motel, where Sophie’s hideout is. As you are about to enter the motel, Hakon will call you and advise you to instead go to Aitor. You will be presented with two choices – “Go to Aitor.” or “Go and meet Sophie.” You have 20 seconds to choose, so choose wisely. If you select the “Go to Aitor” option, you will, of course, then go to Aitor to get his help.

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Now, the consequence of this choice is that you are basically siding with the Peacekeepers over the Old Villedor Survivors in the Bazaar. You still have a chance of changing your mind about this later and side with the Survivors, but let’s assume that you are all in on supporting the Peacekeepers. If you choose this, then the Survivors will stop being friendly towards you, and the Bazaar will be disbanded afterward and you won’t be able to access this area anymore.

Like with other choices in the game, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Both the Survivors and the Peacekeepers are morally gray factions, so you can support either one of them. Generally, you should pick the “Go to Aitor” option if you are role-playing a character that doesn’t want to get involved with local conflicts, and wants to get to the Central Loop as soon as possible.

Go and Meet Sophie Major Dying Light 2 Choice Consequence

Instead of going to Aitor, you can choose to “Go and meet Sophie” instead. Aiden will enter the building and soon encounter Sophie and Barney. To fully align with the Survivors, select the “We can help each other.” option, followed by “I’ll help.” If you want to keep the Bazaar from collapsing, you need to select these three responses. Of course, by doing this, you will not exactly endear yourself to the Peacekeepers. Choose this if you want to see the Bazaar become independent, and if you role-play Aiden as someone that wants to help the people around him. Needless to say, a huge choice such as this will be reflected in the end-game slides.

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