Dying Light 2 Military Tech Locations Map

Like most other open-world games, Dying Light 2 also has collectibles that you can find and pick up. One of the most difficult – but also most rewarding – things you can get is Military Tech. This resource is used to upgrade your Nightrunner Tools. These special gadgets are gradually unlocked as you progress through the game. When you get Military Tech, you can then find a craftsman in any settlement and upgrade your Nighrunner Tools there. There are 15 Military Tech locations scattered throughout the game – enough to fully upgrade all of your Nightrunner Tools – and our Dying Light 2 Military Tech Locations Map guide will tell you where to find all of them.

Dying Light 2 Military Tech Locations Map

How to Get Military Tech in Dying Light 2

The Military Tech is among the hardest to get collectibles in Dying Light 2. There are 15 of these in the game. You will come across the first one fairly early, when you and Hakon find one of these. The others are located in Military Airdrops. These are usually very difficult to get to, since they can be found on top of skyscrapers and other such locations. For many of them, you will need special tools – like the Paraglider and Grappling Hook – as well as very high stamina, to climb to the top. Most locations have these requirements (such as whether you need 500 Stamina, for example) in their descriptions. Usually, to be able to spot these, you would first need to find them by binoculars. We’re here to save you some time.

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Military Tech Locations in Old Villedor – Houndfield, Horseshoe, Trinity, Quarry End in Dying Light 2

Here are all the Military Drop locations in this starting region of the game.

All Military Tech Locations Central Loop – Downtown, Garrison, and New Dawn Park Dying Light 2: Stay Human

These are the Military Airdrops in the Central Loop area.

Dying Light 2 Military Tech Map in Lower Dam Ayre, St Paul Island and Newfound Lost Lands

Be warned that this final set of Military Tech is in some very high-leveled and dangerous areas. You should only go there if you have enough experience and gear to handle all the challenges in those locations.

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