Dying Light 2 Save Game Location & How to Manually Save

Dying Light 2 handles save games in a very interesting way. Since DL2 revolves heavily around player choice, a decision was made to not have the option of saving manually. This means that you have only one save for the entirety of the game. And, while this is great for building tension and making every choice count, it also means that you will need to play the game again from the beginning if you want to do something differently. But, there is a way to “trick” the game. However, please note that doing this requires some advanced file handling in order to go back to a previous save, and can result in you messing up your Steam installation. If you are prepared to do this, then our Dying Light 2 Save Game Location & How to Manually Save guide will explain how to save progress in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Save Game Location & How to Manually Save

Dying Light 2 Save Game Location

This applies only to the Steam version of the game. You are looking for the Steam folder where the game has been installed to. By default, this is in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata” (without the quotes). Another way that you can quickly go to your Steam folder is to right-click on your desktop Steam icon, go into Properties, and click on “Open File Location”. This will take you straight to your Steam folder. Now, if you have multiple Steam accounts, you need to find out what your SteamID3 is first. We will do that in the next section. If that isn’t the case, you are looking for folder “534380” (again, without the quotes) in your “Steam\userdata” folder. This is your DL2 save game folder. Copy this folder and paste it to someplace safe and where you can easily find it again.

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How to Find Your Steam Account’s SteamID3

If you have multiple Steam accounts, you will need to find the one that you have DL2 installed on first. There are plenty of free – and safe – online tools that you can use for this. But if you’d rather do it manually, here’s how this is done. Go into your Steam app. In the upper right corner of the app, click on your username and select “View my profile”. Here, you will see a web link (right below STORE LIBRARY COMMUNITY) that looks like this “https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/” followed by a string of numbers. These numbers are your SteamID3. So, to find out where the DL2 save game folder is, you need to go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\Your SteamID3\534380\”. As before, make a copy of this folder somewhere.

How To Go Back to a Previous Save in Dying Light 2?

Here is why we have made the copy of the save game folder. To go back to a previous save (meaning – a save that was made when we copied the save game folder to another place), you first need to exit Dying Light 2. After that, find your 534380 folder copy and then paste it in your Steam userdata folder, overwriting the 534380 folder there. This will restore you back to a previous save. Start the game again. Steam might say that the cloud version of the save and local version are not in sync. Use the local version. If you plan on doing this often, you can permanently disable Steam save game cloud sync by right-clicking on Dying Light 2 in your Steam library and selecting Properties. In the General tab, uncheck the “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Dying Light 2” option.

uncheck the Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Dying Light 2 option

You can make a new copy of the 534380 folder whenever there is an important choice in the game. Of course, since every 534380 is going to be called the same, you will need to save them in different locations. To make this process easier to manage, we recommend that you create a master folder that will be titled something like “Dying Light 2 Saves”, and then smaller subfolders inside it that will have short descriptions about the choices you have to make (“Join Faction”, “Kill X”, and so on).

How To Backup Dying Light 2 Save Game Data on Xbox and Playstation

Currently, it would appear that doing this is only possible on Steam, due to the way that cloudsaves function on the Xbox and PlayStation. If we figure out some method to get it to work on these consoles as well, we will then update this guide.

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