Dying Light Air Strike Blueprint Location in Antenna area

If you are a passionate Blueprint collector in Dying Light, like we are, you will want to check out this schematic. found in an unusual spot.
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It is located in a special area called Antenna area. This area is accessible once you reach the 13th main story mission “Broadcast”. Mission takes you through Old Town sewers to the Antenna area. If you haven’t acquired “Air Strike” while on the “Broadcast” mission you can still go back to the Antenna area to get it and in this guide we’ll try and explain how.

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How to reach the Antenna area?

You enter this area as part of the main story mission “Broadcast” (about 3/4 into the game). You can also come back to this area later on via the antenna tunnel, which can be found in both Slums and Old Town. You should be able to see the antenna tunnel entrance marked on your map with an icon (after you finished “Broadcast”).
If you are in Old Town head north and find the sewer entrance that takes you to Antenna area. If you are coming from the Slums you’ll find the door that leads to the Antenna tunnel in the most northern safe zone area. Once you enter the antenna tunnel head north. Be aware that you’ll encounter many enemies before you leave the sewer.

Air Strike Blueprint Location

You want to go to the eastern part of the area. You should pay attention to the coastline and look for a small, broken down, wooden dock. In the water nearby there are large helicopter rotor blades (barely visible and sticking slightly out of the water). Diving deeper next to these rotor blades is a crashed helicopter. Blueprint is found inside a chest at the front of this helicopter. Chest is located inside a toxic area so your health will get damaged. I You have to be fast collecting the blueprint unless you want to die.You can also watch this video guide that will show you how and where to get Air Strike:

Air Strike Specification

This is a thrown weapon. Once you throw air strike’s flare toward the enemies, a couple of seconds later a small missile lands from the sky and nukes the marked ground. Components that you need for crafting 10 Air Strikes are: 10x Power Cable, 10x Tin can, 10x Fluorescent Shrooms, 10x Electronics, 10x Batteries.
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    I passed the mission will I be able to go back to get it or no?

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    There’s another chopper in the northeast. It confused me.

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    WEST side of the map, not east. Should edit this as there is a chopper underwater on the east side as well. I think you assumed that because it’s located on the right side of the map this means east but the top of the map is actually south in this area.

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