Dying Light: How to go from Old Town to Slums and vice versa

As you progress through the main story in Dying Light you will get to move from the Slums area (map where you start the game and do initial story missions) to Old Town. Old Town is a map comparable in size to the Slums and you get to visit it about half way through the main story.
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To get there you go through a sewers system and you can actually go back through it if you are so inclined. There is, however, a better and faster way to travel in between the two maps. Your base of operations in Old Town is Embers’ Tower (Church with two towers being renovated and that you get to visit as part of the main story quest as soon as you enter the area). Go up the scaffolding and you’ll see the icons for Player’s stash and a sleeping bag. Next to these, on a wall, is a poster of Brecken’s Tower (building you start the game in). Use this poster and you will get teleported to the Slums. There is a poster in the Tower as well you can use to go back to Old town. It is located on the ground floor, next to your sleeping bag and a vendor (this is opposite of the elevator you use to get to top floors and Brecken). We created a short video to help you with the locations of these posters in both areas.
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    It was very useful!

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    James Jones

    Where do you go on the map to get to country side in dying light I cant hind it thanks so much

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      You won’t be able to go there if you haven’t bought the DLC, Dying Light: The Following, and if you did purchase it already, it’s going to be on the Main Menu (if I’m not mistaken).

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