Dying Light Easy Survivor XP and Bolter Tissue Farming

When you reach the fifth main story quest in Dying Light called “Siblings” (and you get assigned the step “Sneak close to a Bolter during the night and get a tissue sample”) you come in contact with a new type of enemy. They are called Bolters.
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Bolters only appear at night and have these green growths on their backs. Moment they spot you they start running away and running away fast. They can be found at their feeding grounds, which are marked on the map after you complete the main story mission mentioned above. You can kill these creatures with one hit, even with a broken weapon, but they get scared away easily so they must not detect you before you kill them.

Dying Light BoltersWhen you kill them you receive Survivor / Power experience points (which are doubled because you do it during nighttime) and when you loot them you get Bolter Tissue. Bolter tissue is a rare crafting ingredient that is used in some of the best blueprint schematic, like EXPcalibur weapon blueprint (which creates an amazing two handed sword). If you still don’t have the EXPcalibur blueprint check out our Secret Weapons Guide to find out how to get it and other rare weapons like it. Bolter tissue can also be sold to vendors for 200$ (241$ with Hard Bargain perk you can get with Survivor level 11 ).

We found a quick and easy way for you to farm both Bolter Tissue and Survivor/Power experience. Process of obtaining bolter tissue shown here takes around 20 seconds to complete and it gives 1-2 Bolter tissue, +3000 Survivor experience points, around 1000 Power XP and a small amount of Agility points. These numbers vary depending on what level you currently are. In order to do this you have to be at least on the fifth main story quest “Siblings” and to have secured a nearby safe zone (located southwest from the Tower and shown on the screenshot of a map in this guide).
This location works great because, during the night, there is a Bolter feeding ground just meters away from the safe zone’s main gate. Once you leave the safe zone, run toward the Bolter, hit him as you get close, loot bolter tissue and run back to the safe zone. Now you can repeat this process. Wait at the sleeping bag until morning and use the sleeping bag again to progress to nighttime. Repeat this over and over again to farm tissue and XP.Here’s a video showcasing the whole process:

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