Secret Weapons in Dying Light

Dying Light is not just about killing Zombies or clearing the main missions, in fact, exploration and side missions reward you with additional XP, money and some rare weapons. The range of weapons obtainable in this zombie apocalypse-themed game is incredible, from Baseball Bat to Assault Rifles, but the best ones are well hidden and you can get them only by completing some events, unlocking police vans, or finding well hidden blueprints.
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In this guide we listed locations of some rare weapons that we come across so far, with additional information on how to obtain them. This guide is still a work in progress, and we’ll fill up the gaps as we come across new weapons.

German 9mm Pistol

Location: Slums
The location of this gun is in the southeastern Slums, inside a lonely depressing old shack in the base of the cliff. Gun is inside the shack, on the floor, next to a dead body.

FirepowerAccuracyRate of FireRepairsUpgrades


Location: Slums
In the southeastern Slums head to the coastline and look for the rock jutting out from the water. You’ll have to swim out to reach the rock, then climb up and interact with the weapon in order to claim it. It takes a bit of time, thus, be sure to hold the button for 2-3 minutes to claim the weapon. Once you collect the weapon, don’t go away. Wait for the zombie corpse to burn out, and unveils EXPcalibur blueprint. Now you can craft the weapon as well. This sword is one of the best weapons in the game since it does over 400 damage, but on the downside it has a low durability (7) and cannot be repaired.

You can also check out the video bellow if information above did not help:

Police Rifle

Location: Slums
In order to acquire this weapon you have to kill a weapon holder. This person shows up at the end of the story mission: “Pact with Rais”. You’ll find him on top of the gas station store. There is actually a part of the mission that sends you toward this location. It is called “Find the missing patrol” and “Look for an envelope with blueprints in it”. I spotted him when he blew up nearby cars with the Rifle shots.

FirepowerAccuracyRate of FireRepairsUpgrades

Korek Machete

Location: Slums
Just northwest from the gas station where you can collect the Police Rifle you’ll find the blueprint for the best weapon in the game – Korek machete. The blueprint is on the rooftop. The first couple of jumps are a bit hard to perform. When you jump over the metal gate go through a small hallway and look for an air conditioner under a terrace. Jump and hang on it, then jump toward a street lamp that comes out of the nearby terrace. From the top of the street lamp make your way to the rooftop.

The blueprint is in the blue box hidden in a small gap between wooden crates, blue barrels and a small building on the rooftop. Now comes the “funny” part. When you start opening the box, your character will start hitting it. You have to repeat this action many times before the box opens.
Korek Machete cannot be repaired, but it costs only 10 Alcohol and 20 Metal Parts, which are the most common materials in the game. You should get this weapon as soon as possible because it’s an extremely powerful weapon that does 500 damage and kill enemies with one swing.

Here’s a video showing how to get the Machete:

SiCK Bomb

Location: Slums
To acquire a SiCK Bomb blueprint you have to play checkers on top of the tower. Climb on the highest floor of the tower and find a desk with a checkers board. Interact with it. Now use the elevator and get down to the first floor. Go back once again to the rooftop and interact with the checkers board. Repeat this action three more times, five in total. The last time you approach the checkers board, you will find the blueprint on the same desk.



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    German 9mm Pistol you know I got my gun in a cop car so they more them one way to do that job

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    step 1 head to the tower rooftop and look for the checkers board
    step 2 press square/x/f on the checker board
    step 3 run back down to the elevator
    step 4 sleep twice in the bed downstairs
    step 5 repeat the first rour steps another four times
    step 6 go back to the rooftop a sixth time to retrieve the sick bomb blueprint

    ya so your not right on the sick bomb blueprint but I’m here to fix that ^o^/

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      you dont even have to do that. after the initial move, go down the elevator, go down to the first floor, run a lap around the central are inside there, then go back up to the roof and you can make the next move on the checkerboard, rinse and repeat

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      you must do that step 1 step 2 step 3
      4.wait a few seconds no need to sleep just wait.
      5.repeat 5 time.

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        Is 6 and 7 from the Easter egg from South park

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      No, they were right. You’re way of doing it is probably also right though

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    these weapons are shit I have many that do 3k-4k damage

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      Some of these weapons one hit zombies, including the juggernauts, even if u did have that much damage on ur weapons

  14. It would be awesome if you could find all the places for the dark machete.I know of two,one on top of the bride near the fisherman village,fist tower,and another near one of the safe houses near a bolter place. Look on the bottom left of the map,and place a waypoint,it is near a tunnel and if you look in there there is a chest with a lockpick of medium. I have been trying to find it and and if I do eventually fond it then i will let you guys know.It would also be awesome if someone would be will to let me have a dark machete.I am on pc so please let me know.Thank you and i will let you know if i find any other places

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