Elder Scrolls Online becomes free-to-play…this week only

Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for its next expansion, Morrowind. For many people the first real taste of Elder Scrolls, this province of Tamriel is certainly the most outlandish of all, with its huge mushroomy trees and the awe-inspiring silt-striders looming out of the mist. It is no wonder that ESO is trying to gain some new players by going free to play this week.

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If you have been itching to try out Elder Scrolls Online but were deterred by the price of the package, this is a great time to give yourself a week of patient testing. To set you on your way, you will get 500 Crowns in in-game currency to spend on whatever you prefer. Bethesda has also prepared a discount for this week, to try and get you even more hooked. Do not worry, any progress made in the game you will also be able to keep – if you should purchase the game after a week of free unrestricted access. The discount will not affect only in-game purchases, as all editions and expansions (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood) will be discounted on Steam.

In recent news, Bethesda has started a strategic partnership with AMD. No actual details have been mentioned, although both sides have confirmed that this is gaming related, and that they will be “working together to deliver amazing gaming experiences”. AMD does have a new lineup of Ryzen processors that are slightly below expectations when it comes to gaming, so this is perhaps a way of trying to make up the difference.

There have been some rumors regarding the next Elder Scrolls game having multiplayer. Perhaps the knowledge gained from years of ESO development are going to rub off on Elder Scrolls VI? We will keep a lookout on any future rumors.

The Morrowind expansion is launching on June 6, 2017.