ESO Event Tickets for Daedric War

ESO Event Tickets for Daedric War are special tickets that you can earn for completing dailies in specific areas of the game. You can then take them to one specific vendor, aka the Impresario, and exchange them for valuable items. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get event tickets in the Daedric War and what to spend them on. I do have to mention that you can earn only two tickets a day, which is a bummer, but oh well.

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eso event tickets for daedric war
ESO Event Tickets for Daedric War

How to Get Tickets for Daedric War Event in ESO

To get event tickets for the Daedric War event in ESO, you can complete daily quests in Summerset, Clockwork City and Vvardenfell. By that, I mean you can get one event ticket by completing a daily quest in Summerset, and one more ticket by completing a daily quest in either Clockwork City or Vvardenfell. The quests that count toward earning tickets include Delve and world boss dailies in any of the three zones, Alinor dailies in Summerset, Ashlander dailies in Vvardenfell (must first complete “Ancestral Ties”), and Slag Town and Blackfeather Court dailies in Clockwork City (must first complete “Lost in the Gloam”). Remember, you can only earn two tickets per day, as I’ve said, so be ready for a bit of tedium on that end.

So, that’s how you get tickets in the ESO Daedric War event, but what can you spend them on? Well, you take them to the Impresario, of course. You can purchase three fragments (Hallowed Hourglass Basin, Illuminated Dragon Scroll, Kvatchian Incense), which, when combined, reward you with the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet. The “issue” is that you need five event tickets for each fragment, so the grind is real. You can also purchase the Aureate Anointing Oils for ten tickets; that’s the first fragment for the Scales of Akatosh skin. There are other things you can get from the Impresario, but I think these will be the main draw. Reminder; you can find the Impresario outside every major city in the base game and capital city in the DLC areas.

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