ESO Vvardenfell Striking Locales

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO for short) is an MMO in which you explore the fantastical continent of Tamriel on the mortal plane of Nirn. Tamriel is a huge place, with many different regions. One of these is Vvardenfell. Situated on the northeastern end of the continent, the island of Vvardenfell is home to the Dark Elves (or Dunmer as they are also known). If you have played The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, then you are already very well acquainted with this location and its geography. As part of the Daedric Wars event, players have been tasked with finding ESO Vvardenfell Striking Locales. As part of this guide, we are going to show you where these are.

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ESO Vvardenfell Striking Locales

Striking Locales Vvardenfell ESO

To start the Daedric Wars event, you will first need to begin the “Guidance for Guides” quest. You can do this by going to the Crown Store and picking it up either from the Featured tab, or the Quest Starters tab there. The next step is to go to a Striking Locale on Vvardenfell. This isn’t too difficult, as there are nine such locations there. We’ve marked them all on the screenshot below. These are: Ald Sotha, Yasammidan, Valenvaryon, Hanud Tower, Falensarano Ruins, Holomayan Monastery, Shrine of Azura, Ashalmimilkala, and Aleft. The good news is that any one of these will do. So, simply head to any of these which you can get the easiest to.

Personally, we would recommend the Ald Sotha location. It is very close to Vivec City, making it a good and easy location you can quickly get to. In any case, if you are interested in some other Daedric Wars guide, we also have a great one that details the Set Station Clockwork City Locations. Happy gaming and good luck with this exciting new ESO event.

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