ESO Flames of Ambition DLC is Around The Corner

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new DLC in a few days. It’s called Flames of Ambition, and it’s coming to PC on March 8th – the console release date has been set for March 16th. It’s going to add two dungeons to the game, and will serve as an introduction into the Gates of Oblivion season. Here’s what you can expect from this relatively small expansion.

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eso flames of ambition dlc launch date
ESO Flames of Ambition DLC is Around The Corner

The meat of the DLC are the two new dungeons – the Cauldron and the Black Drake Villa. These won’t be just your regular, run of the mill dungeons – they’ll also lay out the foundation for Blackwood, the first chapter in the new season, which is going to be released in June.

The Black Drake Villa dungeon takes place in a manor in the northern hills of the Golden Coast. You’ll go there at the behest of Eveli Sharp-Arrow, who was hired to get a specific tome from the villa’s library. When you get there, though, you’ll see something is amiss – there are monsters everywhere, and the True-Sworn are trying to set the place on fire. You’re going to fight a bunch of beasties, along with the pyromaniac mercenaries trying to burn down the place. You will be amply rewarded, though – with three new gear sets, a monster mask and more.

The Cauldron is situated in an abandoned mine somewhere in the east of Deshaan, and you’ll go there trying to help a local villager save his family from the cult of Dagon that has taken up residence in subterranean corridors. As it so often happens, it’s not just cultists in there – expect all kinds of Daedric monstrosities and even Dremora warriors.

Flames of Ambitions is going live on PC and Stadia on March 8th, while Xbox and Playstation users will be getting it on March 16th.

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