ESO Set Station Clockwork City Locations

ESO set station Clockwork City locations are places where you can craft different sets in this particular area. Thee are three such places that you can visit and make some fairly interesting pieces. So, let’s show you where to find the set crafting stations in Clockwork City and what you can craft there.

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eso set station clockwork city locations
ESO Set Station Clockwork City Locations

Where to Find Set Stations in Clockwork City ESO

To find set stations in Clockwork City in ESO, aka to find places where you can do some set crafting, there are three places where you can look. These are called Restricted Brassworks, The Refurbishing Yard, and Pavilion of Sacrifice. We’ve marked them for you in the map below, in that order. In each of these locations, you can craft a special set, every one of which grants you various bonuses. We’ll get to that in a second, but before that, here’s where the set crafting stations are. Fortunately, the Clockwork City map is not that big, so finding and visiting these places isn’t too much of a headache.

where to find set stations in clockwork city eso
Set crafting station locations (click to zoom in)

So, that’s where you can find set crafting stations in ESO Clockwork City. In the list below, we’ll show you which set you can build in which location, as well as what they’re for. We’ll just give you a brief write-up for each of the sets, because you can find out all the other details yourself as you’re crafting. Gotta leave something for you to discover. Here we go!

  1. Restricted Brassworks – Fortified Brass set – Great choice for tanks, since it gives you a ton of armor, and even bonuses to maximum health. You need four traits researched on the piece you’re trying to craft.
  2. The Refurbishing Yard – Innate Axiom set – This one is for those of you that like to use your abilities whenever possible. Grants lots of Stamina and Magicka. Requires two traits researched on the piece you’re trying to craft.
  3. Pavilion of Artifice – Mechanical Acuity set – Fantastic for ranged builds and whoever wants to deal a lot of crits. Requires six traits researched on the piece you’re trying to craft.
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