ESO Warden Skill Calculator Updated for Morrowind

ESO Warden skill calculator is an online tool created by our sister website TESO Life to help you create builds for the upcoming Morrowind DLC/expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. ESO: Morrowind is the first expansion to the game that introduces a new playable class – the Warden.

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ESO Warden Skill Calculator Updated for Morrowind
ESO Warden Skill Calculator Updated for Morrowind

In the lore of ESO Morrowind, Wardens are loners, typically favoring the company of animals. They rarely travel in pairs. Wardens live in the forests of Tamriel and are protectors of the realm of the goddess Y’ffre. Their main strengths against enemies are conjuration and alteration.

The Warden is a fairly versatile class, though their main role is support, and almost every build makes them very useful team members. The three skill lines that the Warden has are Animal Companion, Green Balance and Winter’s Embrace. All three focus primarily on healing, buffing and defense. However, Wardens can hold their own in combat if need be.

Animal Companion, as the name suggests, allows you to summon animals to your aid. The animals can either attack your enemies or provide you with various buffs and temporary bonuses. Green Balance lets you to summon plants to heal both allies and yourself, as well as providing various buffs when healing. This skill tree makes Wardens an excellent choice for healers. Finally, Winter’s Embrace allows you to manipulate ice defensively by creating barriers and shields. It can also be used offensively by summoning hailstorms, dealing frost damage and slowing down or rooting enemies.

The ESO Warden Skill Calculator allows you to plan ahead, before spending skill points in the game. You can pick your skills and save your builds for future reference. Since Warden is a brand new class in ESO, it might be prudent to experiment a little bit before jumping in. The Skill Calculator allows you to optimize your character outside of the game by playing around with various skills and other bonuses from weapons, racial traits, and so on. So, head over and start experimenting!

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