Shake the disease – The Division will be free this weekend on all platforms

It has become almost customary for Ubisoft to sell a huge number of copies of a game at launch and then just see the numbers drop away. It happened with The Division, with For Honor, as well as Ghost Recon, in a lesser amount. However, Ubisoft has done a lot to try and win back the fans of The Division that they have lost very soon after launch. The next step is a free weekend.

The Division Getting Massive Update 1.6, New Difficulty Level
If you want multiplayer, you will require PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold on the respective consoles.

One of the things that players were not happy with when it comes to The Division, were the timed exclusive expansions. In Division Year Two, all content updates are going to be free, as well as released on all platforms at the same time. Someone seems to have learned a thing or two about fans, especially considering that For Honor has perhaps even greater problems. There should be two expansion for The Division this year, one focusing on time events, loadouts swapping and a system of Feats, while the second one should contain more narrative content. Of course, free content brought microtransactions in update 1.6, back in March.

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This weekend’s free trial will allow you to keep your progress, and if you decide to purchase the full game it will be transferable. The current free trial of the game will be deactivated for the duration of this “open weekend”, but it will come back immediately when the promotion is finished. Alongside the free playing, there will be a 60% discount on the standard and Gold Edition, for those who really like the game. Just remember that you will need Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus to play the game online.

Trial dates are May 4th to 7th on PC and May 4th to 8th on PS4 and Xbox One. Feel free to check out the map below for regional times.

the division free weekend

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