Astoundingly Awesome Tales Fallout 4

Astoundingly Awesome Tales is a magazine in Fallout 4, that consists of 14 issues. Each issue unlocks a unique perk that does additional damage, or heals radiation damage. This guide will show you all Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine locations in Fallout 4.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales #1

The first issue “My brain and I” can be found in Boston Mayoral Shelter. Boston Mayoral shelter has to be opened with a console that is just outside the entrance, in a metal shack. Go to the bottom floor of the complex and go to the eastern bedroom to find the magazine on a night table
Perk: Regenerate 1 point of Health per minute.

AAT Issue #2

On the Coast Guard Pier, look for secured storage room. Go to the bottom floor of the building. Magazine “The Starlet Sniper” is in a locked cell (expert lockpicking required)
Perk: Do +5% damage with scoped weapons.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales #3

Dunwitch Borers is a query. You have to find your way inside it. There is a passageway that leads you behind the inside walls and bellow. Keep going down until you reach and defeat the first mini-boss. “Attack of the Metal Men” is on the table next to where he was standing.
Perk: Take 5% less damage from robots.

AAT Issue #4

Trinity Plaza is in the central part of Back Bay area. Enter the church and get to where the preacher would stand on the other side of the big hole in the floor. “Invasion of the Zetans” is on the preacher’s stand.
Perk: Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales #6

You’ll find “Attack of the fishmen” in the crashed airplane – Skylanes Flight 1981. Use the little platform to get up to the top floor of the crashed plane’s front end, continue straight ( don’t go up into the cockpit) and find the magazine in the bathroom.
Perk: Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales #7

“Sinister Seafood Strikes” magazine issue can be found in Outpost Zimonja on the Workshop desk.
Perk: Do +5% damage at night.

AAT Issue #10

In the southernmost part of Natick and the Glowing Sea area is the Sentinel Site. In this area is extreme radiation danger. You will need rad resistance or anti rad potions. Enter the pyramid and start making your way down. The first computer terminals you see to your right as you descend th stairs is where the magazine is at
Perk: Gain +5 Radiation Resistance.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales #11

In East Boston Preparatory School, go to the second floor. You’ll find the magazine in the computer classroom in the southeast corner of the school.
Perk: RadAway heals +5 percent radiation damage.

AAT Issue #13

The next magazine is hidden in Crater of Atom area. This is a very high level area and you need radiation resistance or lots of anti rad potions to even get here. The magazine “Curse of the burned” is on the first floor of a shack.
Perk: Do +5 percent damage against Ghouls.

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  1. J
    Jerry Hacker

    #14 is in Vault 114 living quarters next to the cooking station

    1. J
      Jerry Hacker

      ignore, im retarded, you have it marked as #8

      1. G
        Gosu No0b

        We numbered them the way they are numbered in the game 🙂

  2. B

    I’ve seen them numbered different ways at different sites. Makes me think they either changed them post-Beta or maybe that PC/Console have them in different places.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      The fact is tha in-game they are numbered a certainway, and we used that to number them in our guide. All those other websites copied someone’s table where they were numbered arbitarily. That is why you’re seeing different versions

  3. H

    I found “Rise of the mutants” in the Trinity Plaza Church, not “Invasion of the Zetans”.

    1. A

      #4 is in hubris comics on the top floor. the floor with the studio. in the room with the star on the door under the radaway

      1. G
        Gosu No0b

        That is listed as Issue #11 in our guide. Magazines are labeled in our guide as they are labeled in the game.

  4. S

    Think it’s 5 not sure but it’s in pickman gallery at the end of the tunnels where u save pickman

  5. M

    Astoundingly Awesome Tales #12 seems to be missing from the list. Details below;

    Location: The Institute – Go straight through the Cafeteria, and go up the winding stairs. At the top, go to the living quarters that are directly in front of you. The magazine will be out on the balcony on top of a table.
    Perk: Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage.

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