Live & Love Locations | Fallout 4

Live & Love is a magazine in Fallout 4. It’s a collectible skill book – each issue unlocks a unique perk that influences companions or gives you bonuses when companions are present.
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This guide will show you all Live & Love magazine locations in Fallout 4.

Live & Love #1: Fabulous 1st Issue: Life Long Best Friends!

The first issue of Live & Love can be found in Faneuil Hall, near the coast. It’s on the upper floor, on a table next to a couch.
Perk: Companions permanently gain +10 health.

Live & Love #2: Nuke The Man

This issue is in College Square, north of Cambridge Police Station. You’ll find it on the small fridge in the cafeteria, behind the counter.
Perk: Companions permanently inflict +5% damage.

Live & Love #3: Trim the Fat!

Go to WRVR Broadcasting station in the south-western part of the map. Once you’re inside, look for the magazine on the table with the toaster and coffee jug.
Perk: Companions permanently gain +10 carry weight.

Live & Love #4: The Secretary Charmer

This issue is in Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estate, in the far western part of the map. It’s on a table in the trailer next to the office, the one with the red motorbike leaning on it.
Perk: Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women.

Live & Love #5: Talk Yourself Sober

Go to Revere Beach Station, on the coast. Climb to the top of the building, and look for a pot above a bonfire. The magazine is on one of the concrete blocks.
Perk: +1 Luck from alcohol when traveling with a companion.

Live & Love #6: Advice from Married Men

Inside the Third Rail building in Goodneighbor. Once you go inside, walk forward until you hit the wall, then turn right into the bathroom. The magazine is on the toilet, in the farther stall.
Perk: Companions gain +5 Damage and Energy resistance.

Live & Love #7: Beware the Man-Handler

On top of the Bunker Hill monument, in the small lookout.
Perk: Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading men.

Live & Love #8: An Experience to Remember

Inside the Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor. It’s on the counter to the right from the entrance.
Perk: Gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion.

Live & Love #9: I Married a Robot

This one is in Diamond City. Go to the Schoolhouse – the building below the yellow schoolbus. Once inside, turn left and go to the bed. There’s a concrete block near it, with the magazine one it.
Perk: Robot companions do +5% damage.