Shem Drowne Sword Location | Fallout 4

Shem Drowne Sword is a unique weapon in Fallout 4. It’s an antique sword that does 24 damage. It also has bonus: Targets take radiation damage. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Shem Drowne sword in Fallout 4, what it looks like and how useful it is.

how to get shem drowne sword

Where to find Shem Drowne Sword

In order to get it, you’ll have to go to Valentine’s Detective Agency in Diamond City. Pick up the file on the cabinet on the left side of the office. It will start a quest called The Gilded Grasshopper.

The quest is long, but it’s not hard. You’ll end up in a graveyard behind Pickman Gallery, having to dig out a grave. The sword will be inside the coffin.

We’ve tried approaching the grave with a shovel in our inventory, without having started the quest, but nothing happened. As far as we know, you have to finish the quest.

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