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Tumblers Today is a Fallout 4 skill book. It’s a magazine with several issues, which unlocks a unique perk when you read it.
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Each issue you collect will make lockpicking a little easier, permanently. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Tumblers Today locations in Fallout 4.

Tumblers Today #1: Locksmith Certification Special

This issue is in Malden Center. After you clear the place out and defeat the fortified raiders (the ones with the turrets and possibly a legendary enemy), go into their den, all the way to the end. You’ll find the magazine in a container/wagon left from a guard post.

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  1. J
    Jessica Kavanagh

    there is an issue of this mag in a Sewer(I believe it’s Fens Street Sewer?) at the entrance there is a pinned up skeleton and a “Dear Detective” holotape, it’s at the end of this dungeon, there is a glowing one in there so be careful

  2. C

    There’s also an issue of TT at Easy City Downs. It’s upstairs, in the announcer’s booth on a table. You’ll have to kill a boss-level triggerman, on top of all the raiders who like to hang out there.

  3. J
    Jessica Kavanagh

    there is a copy at Easy City Downs on the top floor in the same building you find Eager Ernie. will link screenshots in a reply when they upload

  4. J
    Jessica Kavanagh

    there is an issue on the bottom most floor of the Malden Center metro station, once you reach the bottom there will be 3 or 4 synths facing off against some raiders, the magazine is on the bottom shelf of a shelving thing in the Orange/Red train car

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