U.S. Covert Operations Manual Locations | Fallout 4

US Covert Operations Manual is a skill book in Fallout 4. The first issue of the magazine will unlock a unique perk, while subsequent ones will upgrade it.
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The perk will permanently make you harder to detect while sneaking. This guide will show you all US Covert Operations Manual magazine locations in Fallout 4.

Covert Operations Manual #1: Squeaky Floorboards, Sudden Death

This issue can be found in Fort Hagen, in the western part of the map. It’s in the apartment in the eastern part of the building, on a bedside table next to the king-size bed.

US Covert Operations Manual #2: Tiptoe Through The Tulips

The next issue is at USAF Satellite Station Olivia, east of Sanctuary Hills. When you enter the building, look for a locked door in the south-eastern corner. There’s a terminal on the desk near the door – you’ll have to hack it to unlock it.

Covert Operations Manual #3: Whistling In The Dark

This one is in Lexington, south-east of Sanctuary Hills. You’ll find it in the basement of Slocum Joe’s. Look for a room with computers along the walls, a large American flag and a desk with the terminal in the middle of it. The magazine is on the desk.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual #4: Getting The Drop on Communists

You’ll find this issue in the National Guard Training Yard. When you go into the lobby, hack the Expert terminal and go out into the yard. Enter the barracks and climb to the upper floor. Look for a room with a hole in the floor – use it to jump down, then look for a room with the big flag on the wall. The magazine is on the table near the TV.

Covert Operations Manual #5: Look Better In Black

This issue is in Revere Satellite Array. You’ll find it on top of the middle satellite stand, the one without the dish. Climb up there and you’ll see a table with a lantern and the magazine on it.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual #6: Facepaint Fundamentals

Go into the Federal Reserve Stockpile bunker in the western part of the map. Search around the underground complex until you reach a staircase leading up into a wooden shack, with red and blue pipes next to it. You’ll have to fight Red Tourette, a unique enemy. After you defeat him, you’ll find the magazine on the coffee table.

Covert Operations Manual #7: Bushes, Boxes and Beehives Special

This one can be found on the shipwreck of the Libertalia, in the north-eastern part of the map. Use the cable car to board, then climb the ship. When you’re near the top, you’ll see a chair looking out at all the small sunken boats. The magazine will be on a table next to it.

US Covert Operations Manual #8: Who Goes There?

This issue is at Fort Strong, on a peninsula in the far east. Once you go in, go through the door on the right. You’ll have to defeat 2 heavily armored super mutants. Pick the lock on the door behind them. You’ll find the magazine on the desk in the room you just opened.

Covert Operations Manual #9: Not The Soldiers You’re Looking For

Go to the Abandoned Shack on the western border, in the south part of the map. Use the trapdoor to enter Installation K-213, and go all the way down to the bottom floor. You’ll see a bunch of computers in a slightly elevated area. Go there, to the left part of it. The magazine is on one of the computers there.

Covert Operations Manual #10: Urban Camouflage

The last issue is on the USS Constitution, a ship beached on the coast. You’ll find the magazine below deck, in the captain’s quarters (two floors above the entrance, northern part). It’s on a small table in the corner, under the flag. The doors to the quarters are secured with a master lock.