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When Freedom Calls is one of the early main quests in Fallout 4. It starts as you finish the Out of Time quest at the town of Concord.
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Quest is still part of the early hours in the game and helps you explore in-depth the game’s mechanics, but it takes an unexpected turn as you have to Clear Concord of Hostiles and fight a Deathclaw enemy. This guide is here to help you in defeating it.

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Key Facts

Category:Main Quest
Reward:Bottlecap (100)
Fusion Cell (50)

Quest Text

I’ve helped Preston Garvey and the people under his care settle in a new home in Sanctuary.


Following contains quest spoilers. You’ve been warned

Enter the Museum

You have an (Optional) task to Take the laser Laser Musket as soon as you start this quest. The laser musket should be next to the body Museum’s entrance and is a powerful weapon that will help you clear out the raiders inside efficiently (also – makes enemies turn into hot piles of ash – which is nice).

Locate the Trapped Settlers

Inside the museum a fight is taking place between the raiders and the settlers. You will have to climb to the second floor, killing various raiders along the way, to reach the settlers. Great time to loot the raider corpses and try out that Laser Musket.

Talk to Preston Garvey

Talk to the minuteman and pick up Robco Fun magazine and Perception bobblehead nearby.

Unlock the Security Gate

I failed lockpicking the padlock, but you also have the option of hacking the nearby terminal. The password for me was SURGE

Get a Fusion Core

Put the Fusion Core in the Power Armor

Go up to where the minutemen are and go through their room past the guy on the radio station. You will see a door with the label EXIT above it and that takes you to where the Power Armor is at.

Grab the Minigun

Clear Concord of Hostiles

With your power armor and minigun you might think you are invincible, but that is far from the truth. You will first have to fight the raiders in your immediate vicinity. There is one on the roof of the building acroos, several in the street, and several in the houses along the street. Jump off of the Museum roof onto the street bellow and keep going straight. At one point, as you reach the intersection, a Deathclaw will appear. The first time I fought it I failed miserably. There are several ways to kill Deathclaw and clear Concord of hostiles. The way I did it in the end is just run to where Deathclaw comes out of the ground and run back to the museum. If you don’t shoot it right away and are far away enough it will probably attack the rest of the raiders and clear them out for you. It will then focus on you. You can shoot the cars on the street to make them explode into Deathclaw’s face and try outrunning him as you shoot it. In the end I figured that I can hide inside a building on the corner directly across the Museum’s entrance (and to the left). Deathclaw can’t enter inside and you can easily shoot it through the broken windows. You can also go to the roof of that building and try getting it from there or using that as ways of escaping while you recuperate.

Report back to Preston

Join Preston Garvey in Sanctuary

Preston and his crew will make their track to Sancturay immediately after your conversation. You can tag along or go about your business and meet them there later on.
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