Fallout 76 Gears Locations - How to Get

Gears are a kind of crafting material in Fallout 76. They’re basic cogwheels – iron wheels with tiny cogs on them. You’ll need a lot of them when you start building up your base, as much of the more advanced machinery requires at least some. To make matters worse, this time you’ll be fighting other players for them. Since the respawn times for items are shared by the entire instance, you’ll want to snatch them before others can. For this, you’ll need our Fallout 76 gears locations guide, to show you where they are.

fallout 76 gears locations
Fallout 76 Gears Locations – How to Get

Where to find gears in Fallout 76?

You’ll find gears in complicated devices, like factory machines and vehicles – pretty much any mechanical device, no matter what was used to power it. Pieces of the miner suit contain it, as well as cameras, desk fans, watches and such. Whenever you see something that looks like it might contain gears, check it out. If you’re affraid you’ll end up with a stockpile you can’t use, don’t worry – someone will kill you and relieve you of it sooner or later.

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You can make things easier on yourself by going to the crafting bench, finding gears in the inventory then pressing the button that lets you track them. It’ll help you by highlighting these items in the wild, making sure you notice them when you otherwise wouldn’t.

This works with other crafting materials as well, even if they aren’t found by themselves (like ceramic). Use the tracking feature all the time, it’s priceless. We haven’t tried marking several things at once, so we’re yet to see whether it can be done, and whether they’ll be painted with different colors in case it’s allowed. Tracking multiple materials at the same time would be grand, especially when there’s more than one rare thing you’ll be missing all the time. We’ll update this article accordingly once we’ve had the chance to try it out.

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