Fallout 76 Savage Divide Treasure Map Locations

Savage divide treasure maps are hints pointing towards hidden loot in this area of Fallout 76. It is one of the biggest zones on the map, going down the middle of Appalachia, from north to south. Once you find a map, you’ll get a drawing that’s supposed to point you in the right direction. The problem is, if you haven’t already been near it, you won’t recognize it. This guide is going to help you get all the loot by showing you Fallout 76 Savage Divide treasure map locations.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #02

This treasure is buried near the New Appalachian Central Trainyard, east of the big forest lake. Go to the trainyard and head north along the railway until you can a big power transmission line on the left, and a round dome on a tower in the distance to the right. The mound will be in the dirt between the blue and red train cars.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #XX

This one’s north of the dome, by the ski lift. Go to the top of the ski lift from the dome, then follow it downhill. When you reach a point where a road goes under it, you’ll see some signs. Jump over the railing and approach the cliff. Drop down and you’ll find the mound next to a crashed lift car.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #05

This treasure can be found on a cliff above Blackwater Mine, directly to the east from the forest lake. You’ll find the mound on the rocks near the edge, under the big billboard.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #07

You’ll find this treasure in the mountains in the south of the area. The two giant metallic objects from the drawing are visible from far away, and it’s only a matter of finding the right peak to look at them from. That peak is to the west of them.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #08

You’ll find this one at a rest stop by the road south of the Atlas Observatory. It’s between the road and the railway, and you’ll recognize it immediately – there’s a bike next to the fence, and half-eaten meals on the tables. The mound will be by the fence, past the bike.

Savage Divide Treasure Map #XX

This one’s on the steep cliffs north of the Palace of The Winding Path, the glorious dwelling in the far north of the area. When you get to the palace, head north and follow the cliff. At some point, you’ll have to descend and look towards the palace in order to figure out the precise location. The mound may be hard to spot thanks to all the gravel and dirt in the area, so be persistent.



  1. J

    There’s also a savage divide #10 map. as for where I got it, I have absolutely no idea

    1. I

      Power station near Watoga, where the Deathclaw spawns

  2. C
    Christopher Davis

    I have #4, it’s got a water tower in the left, docks lower middle, and a barn middle right, x is near the docks.

    Also the one by palace of the winding path is clue #6, found that one already. And I do not remember where I got the maps, it was very early though.

    1. J

      #4 is at Solomons pond. Almost dead center between the water tower and the Greenbrier on the map (sorry haven’t discovered the water tower, I don’t know what it’s called). Anyway the treasure is in a safe and requires 3 skill to unlock

  3. P

    savage divide treasure map#6 is at the palace of the winding path, on the map it’s upper left of the picture from the palace.

  4. K

    I have map 6 but haven’t found it yet

  5. K

    The bottom one on the list is number 6

  6. D
    Dominic Lomeli

    #1 isn’t on here but it’s to the south west of the federal disposal field hz-21

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