Fallout 76 Can Players Steal From Camp Stash & Containers?

Camp stashes are one of the places where you can store loot in Fallout 76. They’re the blue boxes you’ll find in each camp you set up, and they’re the place where you’ll leave all the stuff you want to keep but don’t want to lug around all the time. Since there’s a strong multiplayer focus to the game, a lot of people are wondering how safe these stashes are, and whether players can steal from camp stash in Fallout 76. This guide will explain how camp containers work and answer any questions you might have about them.

fallout 76 can players steal from stash
Fallout 76 Can Players Steal From Camp Stash & Containers?

Is camp stash safe from other players in FO76?

The short answer is yes. Camp containers are absolutely safe and nobody can steal your stuff from your stash. You are the only person who can access your stash, so feel free to put stuff in it.

This doesn’t mean your entire camp is safe from others. It will disappear when you’re offline, so you can’t be attacked while not playing, but while you’re in the game, others will be able to find it and destroy structures, steal crops and water bottles from the purifier or any resources you may be harvesting (like fusion cores).

Your power armor is also safe if it’s deployed or in a stand – if you drop it, it might get stolen. Your guitar will also be safe if you leave it on a chair, but if you drop it on the ground, it’s fair game for any passers-by.

The only real way to lose any of your stuff is if you get killed, and your murderer picks through the stuff that drops from your corpse in a bag. Nothing of great significance will drop, though, mostly junk items and other resources, so there’s no need to worry too much about it.

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  1. J
    John Jones

    This is not true….I just ran to my camp and everything in my storage is gone. I tested it out by going to someone elses camp and I was able to completely empty his container. This needs to be fixed.

    1. F

      Only you can see and access your stash. This is true even for Stashboxes built by other players. I found someone’s camp and was able to access my stuff from his stashbox.

      Maybe you accidentally took your own stuff which you mistook for his?

    2. M
      Matty Matt

      Most likly you did it the other way around, and when you took everything out of “their” box you didnt realize it was all your stuff, thats why your box was empty when you got home

    3. K

      I know the stash if private but it also fills up, at which point you need to build other storage devices and I don’t think those are safe.

  2. M
    Mr Letha1

    I have received a bounty for stealing from another persons C.A.M.P.

  3. T

    You can build other storage devices? That would help…but my shelves don’t let me store things.

  4. E

    I have not run across anyone else’s stash box yet but have had everything stolen from mine. I built a small shack with my stash box and bed in it. Woke up to a two person team trying to get in to it. Ran them off but after returning from a quest found it empty, so no these are not protected storage boxes. I placed a turret in front of it and have not had any issues since, at least not yet.

  5. K
    Keryn Crook

    Went to my camp and my stash box empty not happy! It’s not safe AT ALL

  6. K

    Your camp can be taken while logged out . I logged out from inside my house , when i logged back in my camp was gone . It belonged to someone else .

  7. M
    Mr Mftic

    You are all phucked stupid… I live with my roommates we play with a 4 maned team… when your Not in a Group you can not loot others… at all in this game… when you go to a stach box or what ever a comes up as a stach box… you and only you can see what is in it.. Now this is now.. who knows what pvp bull shit will be in this game in 2019.. you can loot mineral extractor if not locked. But so far that I seen in the game at level 100 Not much pvp.. More helping hands.. if our not a dick.. Only pvp I have done is with my Roomies. I have never seen or heard of some group running around at 100 killing 20-50. They have more shit to fry then doing that. in this game.. Not worth the time as of right now..

  8. W
    Watkins Bouche

    Can someone destroy your stash safe?

  9. M
    mark Leach

    Garbage, I have ran up to a camp, picked through everything and taken stuff. Why, because it happened to me. The only thing I couldn’t go through was the C.A.M.P as it was invisible or well hidden. The game is floored and really not good unless you can dedicate your time to it. Don’t bother if you have small children or unless you have set aside time to play.

  10. L
    Larry Condor Mead

    This game has been turned into shit, online gamers are fucking assholes, Todd Howard has fucked up the Fallout franchise. Stealing really shows your integrity as a person when you steal from others and proves you can’t be trusted. Why play this stupid fucking game if your shit isn’t safe, online you run into the most pathetic people. The game is a total puch fuck shit mess.

    1. S

      The game isn’t really that bad. Yes there are some bad people but not all the players are bad. Last night I had people take my work shop and demanded a cultist blade. They eventually got board and left so I took it back and kept my sword. The point is dont judge an entire game poorly because of a few bad eggs

  11. B

    I’ve played fallout since day 1. Never had a problem till fallout76. I don’t know how many times coming out of the vault heading to towns and players from level 5 to 200+ wait till a new guy is in any town in the game and everything is looted. Pretty hard to get ammo or weapons when other players see your the new guy. Sucks. Seems they’d want to get the big guys then new guys. Sorry game.
    Plans ammo guns gone. Guess that is how they keep there vendingexpenses down. Sucks

  12. B

    WHY is it that coming out from the vault and hitting all the areas trying to get loot. Enemies dead no loot all the way to the airport. And all the way south. The only people I see our from level 15 to 235 plus.
    Why make it so hard for beginners. If I ever get to a higher level like some our they need to watch out. Pay back time. I haven’t seen this kind of crap in other multi player games only this one. Seems most our to Cocky and big bad boys. We’ll wait and see what comes .
    Hopefully you will get the point. So kill me now take my stash and watch your back. The real Sandman is back.

  13. C
    Cyril Dennis Lacey

    Tired of building a nice camp in Fallout 76 for some low life to come along and trash it. Not only that this player followed from location to location and repeatedly killed me for caps. I just wasn’t powerful enough to fend them off. I think people like this should be banned from playing, or camps that can only be trashed by their owners. Do some thing Bethesda!

  14. P
    Piper Lea

    I totally agree this game can be fun but stealing your stash /stuff that you worked so hard to build /find what ever is WRONG. I can see if you are robbed that’s one thing but just stealing is WRONG!
    Fix this now!

  15. D
    David Michael Broom

    There is one way keep them out is locked the door so they well not steal stuff

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