Fallout 76 Toxic Valley Treasure Maps Locations & Solution

Toxic Valley Treasure Maps in Fallout 76 are among the many you can find and solve in the game. Finding the Fallout 76 Toxic Valley treasure maps and their solutions can be very lucrative. Let’s be honest, in Fallout 76, every little bit of gear and consumable is well worth your while. To help you out, our Fallout 76 Toxic Valley treasure maps locations guide will show you where to find the maps and how to solve them.

Fallout 76 Toxic Valley Treasure Maps Locations & Solution
Fallout 76 Toxic Valley Treasure Maps Locations & Solution

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more Toxic Valley treasure maps as we discover them.

FO76 Toxic Valley Treasure Map #01 Solution Location

To find the solution to the Toxic Valley Treasure Map #1, you need to go to the location called Becker Farm. You can get there by going northwest from Vault 76, west of the huge Ferris wheel. It’s a completely blasted farm, with a gross, polluted little river flowing nearby. In the southeast of the farm, you’ll find a small section of jagged, wooden wall. The treasure is right next to that bit of wall.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map #2 & How to Solve – Fallout 76

We found the Toxic Valley Treasure Map #2 on the corpse of a Feral Ghoul Roamer southwest of Flatwoods Lookout. The ghoul in question was wearing a fireman uniform; or, at least, what was left of it. There were some other ghouls in the vicinity (one of them dressed as a police officer), so keep your wits about you. As we approached the Flatwoods Lookout Tower, those ghouls were just lying on the ground. It was only when we came really close to them that they jumped to their feet and started attacking.

The location of the treasure from the Toxic Valley Treasure Map #2 in Fallout 76 is far to the northeast of where you’ve found the map, in Clarksburg, near the local water tower. The water tower itself is to the south of the giant crocodile / alligator water slide, which is the most eye-gouging “attraction” in the area. Specifically, you want to be on the southern side of the lake, across from the alligator. The exact location of the mound is slightly further uphill from the water tower itself.

The rewards we got for solving the Fallout 76 Toxic Valley Treasure Map #2 were pretty good. We got a Plan (or blueprint, if you will) for the cushioned Trapper Armor Legs, twelve .308 rounds, and a Pipe Bolt-Action. It might not sound like much, but in the infested wilderness of West Virginia, you take what you can get.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map #? – Where to Find Treasure?

To find the Toxic Valley treasure map that shows the Crashed Space Station, you’re gonna have to go far to the northwest of your vault. You can start from the alligator water slide and go west to find the Space Station itself (and maybe get the Space Suit), but there’s a potentially better route.

We approached the Space Station from the south, from the butterfly icon. You’re gonna have to climb a jagged hill, and you’ll get a cool view of the space station. As you walk towards it down the hill, you’re gonna come across the mound of brown earth where the reward is. Use the screenshots above to help you orient yourself.

FO76 Toxic Valley Treasure Map #??

The solve the Toxic Valley Treasure Map #??, head over to the southwestern corner of the Toxic Valley area. Specifically, you’re gunning for the Pioneer Scout Camp. It’s to the north of the local dam, as it were. It’s to the southeast of the Palace of the Winding Path. From the Pioneer Scout Camp, head southwest, onto the tiny little island rising from the poisonous water.

You’ll identify the place fairly easily, because there’s a small boat stranded on the island. That’s what’s on the treasure map, after all. The mound is also fairly easy to spot, because it takes up like two thirds of the “island.”

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    Kelly Reed

    I’ve found the spot, but I can’t dig, even with a shovel equipped. Is this bugged? Do you know anything about this?

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      Which spot did you find? Also, did you find the treasure map first? That’s a prerequisite. You can’t dig up a treasure without finding the map first, even if you know where the treasure is.

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