Fallout 76 Forest Treasure Map Locations - Where to find buried treasure

Forest treasure maps are special items in Fallout 76. These maps consist of drawings that point you towards a place with a buried treasure, somewhere in the Forest zone. This is the zone where Vault 76 is in, but it is a large area that takes a while to fully explore. You’ll need to find the spot in the picture based on the featured landmarks, then look for a mound of dirt and dig it up. If you have trouble recognizing the places and finding any of them, our Fallout 76 forest treasure map locations guide will help you.

fallout 76 forest treasure map locations
Fallout 76 Forest Treasure Map Locations

Forest Treasure Map #01

This one can be found in Point Pleasant, the little town west of Vault 76. It’s the one with the Mothman museum icon. The bridge on the image isn’t the big one that crosses the river, but rather a smaller one in the south, that crosses a mere creek. Find it, go to the southern side and look north. You’ll see a pile of rubble under the bridge, which is where the treasure is.

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Forest Treasure Map #02

You’ll find this one near Camp Adams Lookout, north of Poseidon Power Plant. When you get to the tower, head southwest until you reach a camping site. The mound will be where the fire should’ve been.

Forest Treasure Map #03

The location that’s best to start from is Relay Tower HG-B7-09, east and slightly to the south of the hospital on the edge of the area. From the relay tower, head north. Walk over the hill, and you should have a great view of the nuclear power plant. Keep climbing down, and keep your eye out below for the playground. The mound is under the monkey bars.

Forest Treasure Map #04

This one is at Anchor Farm, a property northwest of Vault 76. Just follow the road until you see an abandoned orange truck. Look to the other side, and you’ll see a yellow house – that’s the farm. Go around it, and you’ll see a plane in the back yard. Approach the plane from its left side, and you’ll find the mound by the door.

Forest Treasure Map #05

This treasure is located at Charleston Trainyard, near the border between the Forest and the Ash Heap. Approach the train yard from the west, and you’ll see an overturned train car near the river. Get close to it and look for the mound by the door.

Forest Treasure Map #06

You’ll find this one near the Overseer’s Camp, directly south from Vault 76. If you go to the camp and look towards the river, you’ll notice a wooden bridge. Cross it and turn around, and you’ll position yourself like in the drawing. The X is across the river, on the shore. You’ll find the mound back on the camp’s side, next to the water sensor stuck in the river bed.

Forest Treasure Map #07

This treasure is hidden away in Widow’s Perch, a small place in the south of the map, west of Uncanny Caverns. There’s a giant hilltop billboard there, and the treasure is hidden in a mound to the right of it (looking from the back).

Forest Treasure Map #08

Forest Treasure Map #08 is found early on in the game. When you obtain it, open up the inventory and inspect it. You’ll see a drawing of a railway bridge crossing a stream, with a big tree on the right. If you’d only like minimal help, here are some hints – the bridge is red, and you can find it by opening up the map and looking for a place where the railroad intersects with a stream or river.

If you want the precise location, keep reading. The dig spot is southeast of Vault 76. If you look at the map, you’ll see a railroad going along route 59 (the black line with notches). After the railroad turns east, it crosses a river before taking a turn towards the north again. That crossing is the one depicted in the drawing. When you stand on the bridge and look southeast, you’ll match the view represented in the picture.

Look for the mound on the south side of the stream – you’ll notice it quite easily. Approach it, and you’ll get a prompt to dig it up. The bulge will deflate like a pricked balloon, and you’ll get a bunch of stuff (in our case, a laser, two blueprints, some addictol and some fusion cells).

Forest Treasure Map #09

You’ll find this hidden treasure in the town of Summersville. That’s the one on the shores of the lake south of Vault 76. Go to the southern end of the town and look for an orange bus on the road. Once you find it, turn towards the town. Head to the first house on the right, and look for the treasure in the pile of leaves next to the hole in the fence.

Forest Treasure Map #10

You’ll find the last treasure near Gregg’s Mine Supply, southeast of Vault 76. When you reach the town from the south, stop and turn right, going towards the river. Stand above the spot where the river goes underground, and look to the distance. You’ll see the mound on a ledge on the left.

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