Fallout 76 Powering Up Poseidon Event - How to Repair Power Plant

Powering up Poseidon is an event in Fallout 76. It’s a quest that appears over and over again, a timed event that lets you repair a nuclear power plant and claim it as a workshop. In order to do it, you’ll have to repair three separate systems – namely cooling, reactor and generator. Some players are having trouble with this event, not knowing how to repair the equipment or where to find it. This guide will help you through the Fallout 76 Powering Up Poseidon event, by showing you how to repair the power plant.

fallout 76 powering up poseidon event how to repair power plant
Fallout 76 Powering Up Poseidon Event – How to Repair Power Plant

How to repair Poseidon Power Plant in FO76?

The quest marker will lead you to the area where repairs are supposed to be made, but it won’t point you towards the faulty equipment. That one’s on you. When you get to the cooling area, you’ll see a bunch of brown pipes snaking around the place. Some of them will have stripes on them – these are the ones that can break. Keep your eyes peeled for steam bursting out of the striped pipes – when you see it, approach and interact with the pipe to seal it.

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Then there’s the generator area, which is a dark place. You should be on the lookout for broken terminals with sparks flying out of them. Interact with them and they’ll light up like Christmas trees. Once you’ve repaired enough of them, the meter will fill and you’ll be able to progress to the next area.

The reactor area is a bit tricky, as there’s some jumping and balancing involved, which can be uncomfortable when playing in first person. There’s also a bunch of radiation here, so make sure you either stock up on Rad Away and Rad-X, or get an outfit that protects you from radiation, like the Hazmat Suit. You can find one in a container on the roof of the Poseidon Power Plant. The puzzle itself is the mix of the previous two – you’ll have to fix both pipes and control consoles.

When you’re done with that, the marker will lead you to the main control room, which is where you’ll use a terminal to restart the power plant. This will complete the event and allow you to claim the workshop – the one that has a node that produces fusion cores.

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    Guide doesn’t mention this, but in order to get into the Reactor room to complete the Event you need to figure out how to actually get INTO the reactor room. If you have some rudimentary hacking skill (level 1) you can follow the signs inside the plant to the reactor and then bypass the door through the terminal. Easier method is to fish around in the offices for a terminal that will end the lockdown. Go that and then book it into the reactor room to get things fixed up. I’d advise against using a hazmat suit as it will unequip all of your armor and you’ll probably get shot to death fairly quickly, which is slightly worse than dying of radiation. Instead pop a Rad-X and piss out your Rads with Radaway.

  2. R

    Thx for the guide, and Warkupo thx for the heads up, I had the Chameleon Mut so going into the room without getting shot up was cake, threw a Molotov at the group of 4 in front of the blast shield window and then picked them off. Important Note, after activating the power plant, DO NOT exit through Cooling Towers! They do their jobs and you take a lot of damage from the steam it vents and the Scorched repopulated the area, (I had to pop 6 full stims to escape plus catwalk hopping). Leave through ground floor and becareful of turrets and Scorched once outside, head towards the train station and also be wary of the 3 Ferals there.
    Note: Hazmat Suit does not protect you from steam, best place to nab Large Generator plans as a reward in activating the power plant. 👍👍

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