Far Cry 3 A Man Named Hoyt

Introduction to Far Cry 3 A Man Named Hoyt

Far Cry 3 A Man Named Hoyt takes place after the Kick the Hornet’s Nest main story quest. During this story quest you will ask Willis to return the favor and help you find your friends.
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In order to do this Willis will help you locate a transportation manifest that should set you on the right path. Far Cry 3 A Man Named Hoyt

Go talk with Willis.

Use a fast travel to go to the Badtown. Go to the same house you found Willis before. There he will let you listen a recording of a talk between Vaas and Hoyt. Hoyt decided to some deal with you after you destroyed his drug fields, and you discover that he is going to be in a nearby village. He mentions a transportation manifest that you are sure that Oliver’s name can be found on it.

Leave the Hut.

Go to the rice fields.

The rice fields can be found northwest of the town.

Get to the observation point undetected.

The observation point you need to reach is a small house at the edge of the rice fields. You will need to stay undetected while approaching it. If you are on the mountain above rice fields you can use a zipline to head straight to the house.Upon entering the house you will notice a helicopter land nearby. Hoyt emerges from the helicopter and it becomes clear that he is working with the pirates. He is going to use locals he captured to make a point, that no one will be spared if they collaborate with the Rakyats. The locals are pressured to walk through a rice fields filled with land mines. Only one local, named Rongo, survives the land mines. Luckily for you he’s the one with the transportation manifest you need. You will need to help him survive if you want to get the manifest you need.

Rescue Rongo.

It’s time to save Rongo from pirates. First you need to bring down two pirates that are at the edge of the rice fields closest to you. After that you need to do what Rongo did, walk through rice fields full with mine in order to get to him fast. To avoid the mines, move slowly, keep an eye open, and listen for the sound they emit.Upon reaching Rongo you will tell him that Agent Willis sent you to extract him, and that you need his help to find Oliver. He is willing to help, but you need to help him to get to his house up the hill.

Protect Rongo while he searches his house.

When you reach the house Rango will realize that his papers are out of place and he is going to need time to find manifest. You need to protect him as he searches as many pirates will be storming for the house. Start by protecting the door you just came in and shooting the pirates as they approach the north side of the house. Later they will destroy the west side of the house and you will have to keep an eye on that entry point as well. This part of quest can be quite difficult with all the pirates coming at you from both sides. You will need to be very careful and precise with shooting, while reloading needs to be taking care of as fast as you can. Make sure to kill the pirates that are charging the first entry point by spotting them from north side of the house, bring down the ones that pass, and be on alert for second entering point later on, and you will finish this story quest successfully. When Rongo finally finds the transportation manifest you will discover that Oliver is in the book, and his coordinates have been found.
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