Far Cry 3 Playing the Spoiler

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Playing the Spoiler.

Playing the Spoiler is the follow up quest to The Medusa’s Call main story quest. Rakyat need your help in weakening Vaas who is preparing to attack their village, as retribution for your previous actions.
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In order to do that you are going to destroy weapon stocks at pirates’ logging camp in the jungle. Since triggering the alarm at the logging camp will make pirates secure the weapons shed, your initial approach will have to be stealthy. Far Cry 3 Playing the Spoiler

Go talk to Dennis.

Dennis is at Amanaki town, you can use fast travel to get there quick. At this point he is informing you about Vaas’ plans and you decide to help them out.

Go to the Logging Camp.

Drive a car outside of Amanaki town. If you haven’t discovered the area around the logging camp before you should activate a nearby Radio tower.

Get to the vantage point.

Getting to the vantage point will make game introduce you to importance of tagging enemies by using your photo camera. This will help you track enemies while you are stealthed.

Disable the alarm before it is activated.

Looking from the vantage point, you will notice there is only one guard, left of the entrance. Kill him silently and approach carefully the big rock with bushes close to the alarm. From there you can easily disable the alarm.

Enter the weapon cache and plant the bomb.

Weapon cache is a building in the middle of the camp. If you have been following previous instructions, weapon cache door will be nearby. When you enter the weapon cache, plant a bomb in the designated area.

Go to the safe spot.

As soon as you plant the bomb, around 15 seconds timer will start ticking at the upper middle of the screen. Before that timer runs out you will need to find yourself a safe position. Explosion has a big radius and hiding near the building is not a good idea.

Escape the area or kill all remaining pirates nearby.

After the explosion (and you hopefully survived it) you can kill the remaining pirates, or just run away from the camp. Either way, you will get the success message at the end of this part.
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