Far Cry 3 Three Blind Mice

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Three Blind Mice

Far Cry 3 Three Blind Mice follows the Fly South main story quest. After helping Willis leave the islands you air drop onto Hoyt’s island.
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Far Cry 3 Three Blind Mice

Land in the south island beach drop zone.

You jump out of the plane in a wingsuit with a parachute strapped to your back. Use the wingsuit to control your direction at first. When you fall a certain distance you will receive a message telling you to open your chute.

Kill the pirates and take their truck.

A truck and some pirates can be found on a nearby beach if you head east. Release the tiger in the nearby cage and kill other pirates while they are distracted.

Find Sam at the Crazy Cock bar.

Get in the truck and start driving south east. You will reach a small village. Get out of the truck and walk through the front gate, the Crazy Cock bar will be to your right. After buying a beer the bartender informs you that you can find Sam in the basement playing poker.

Talk to privateer about the secret poker game.

The privateer near the door will let you thru them after you show him that you have enough money to participate in poker game.

Play poker with Sam.

Going down in basement you will meet Sam and other privateers playing poker. Get close to table so you can play with them. After the first game (no matter how it ends) Sam will leave the table.

Follow Sam into the alleyway.

Follow Sam outdoors. You will introduce yourself and tell him who sent you. Looks like you just made a friend on the island.
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