Far Cry 3 Triple Decker

Introduction to Far Cry 3 Triple Decker

Far Cry 3 Triple Decker follows the Doppelganger main story quest. After acquiring the privateers outfit you need to get even closer to Hoyt.
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In order to do this you will need to earn his trust. The best way to do it is to kill the privateers that are stealing from Hoyt. Sam located leaders of the group of traitors and will send you their locations. Far Cry 3 Triple Decker

Go to the old temple.

The old temple can be found north west from Romeo Camp. Fast travel to the camp to shorten your trip.

Kill 3 VIPs and search them for evidence.

Three VIPs you need to kill, and the roll sheet logging all their members, can be found at the old temple compound. Privateers there will not attack you until the see you doing something suspicious. Because of thatyou need to be very careful when it’s time to kill the VIPs. The VIPs are easy to notice since they have Yellow hat. They also have distinct yellow sign with a star over their heads when you tag them.
The first VIP can be found at the bottom of the temple. There will be few regular privateers and cage with komodo dragon inside as well. You can release the lizard in order to create confusion.
The second one is at the cave at top of the temple on its east side. There will be one or two regular privateers nearby patrolling that you need to take care of as well.
The third one is patrolling the top of the temple on the west side. There is a heavy gunner patrolling here as well so be extra careful.

Leave the area.

Moving further away from the compound completes the quest.
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