Far Cry 5 Best Weapons - Strongest Guns, Secret Alien Weapon

Best weapons in Far Cry 5 are largely a matter of preference. However, some guns are objectively better than the rest, either because of their stats or the way they behave. The ability to install modifications on your weapons further complicates things. Since you can only carry up to three different weapons, you’ll need to choose wisely. Our Far Cry 5 best weapons guide should help you come to a decision.

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far cry 5 best weapons
Far Cry 5 Best Weapons – Strongest Guns, Secret Alien Weapon

What is the best weapon in Far Cry 5?

Our top pick would be the AK-MS assault rifle, which you can get from the shop at any point in the game. It’s a straight upgrade to the AR-C, and it’s an amazing fit for console players who rely on auto-aim. It can be set to fire in bursts of three bullets, each of which will be guided by the automatic aim. For close range encounters, we recommend the D2 shotgun, which can also be bought early on.

After you’ve spent some time with the game, you’ll probably want to diversify a bit. A sniper rifle is great for picking enemies off from extreme distances, and you can pair it with a Magnum pistol, which is great at short to mid range, doing massive damage with each hit.

If staying silent is imperative, you can upgrade from the starting bow to the Recursive Bow. It has better stats across the board. It’s a bit difficult to use, though – the reticule is non-standard, and the arc of the arrows can be difficult to get used to. If you’re just looking to make as much mess as you can, go with the Magnopulser. It’s the weapon from the alien quest line, and it allows you to knock over large groups of enemies from a medium distance. When you shoot someone with it from a short range, it will disintegrate them. To top it off, it does not require ammo.

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