Sea of Thieves Achievements Disabled Temporarily

Sea of Thieves has been having a lot of trouble with servers, due to the enormous number of players. Rare is working on fixing everything, but they had to disable achievements temporarily. If you’ve been wondering where your Sea of Thieves achievements have gone, that’s where.

Sea of Thieves Achievements Disabled Temporarily
Sea of Thieves Achievements Disabled Temporarily

Despite the several separate server stress tests, Sea of Thieves is having some serious server problems. This has been causing some severe player annoyance, as one would expect. In fact, it’s arguably the biggest complaint coming from the player base. Some of the issues that players have been encountering include player rewards and achievements coming in late, problems with getting into the game during peak times, and loss of character details (like hair color). Fortunately, the devs are working hard to fix these problems. Some what less fortunately, this might cause you some extra headaches.

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According to a new post on the Sea of Thieves website, they’ve had to turn off achievements completely until they manage to solve the issue. The reason is that they’re clogging the servers. Don’t worry, Rare is storing all of your achievements, and you’ll get all of the achievements that you’ve earned eventually. So, just stay patient, those chievos are coming at some point. There’s no exact ETA on this fix, though. As for your rewards, such as gold and reputation, they’re also stuck due to the sheer volume of players. Rare is working on fixing this. However, the devs mentioned that there’s no need to restart the game if the rewards aren’t showing up during peak times. Just keep playing, and the gold and reputation will come through eventually.

As for getting into the game in peak times, there’s kind of a workaround while you’re waiting for the servers to sober up. Specifically, you can try matchmaking with a crew that’s already set sail. That way, you should be able to join a session that’s already in progress.

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