Far Cry 5 Weapon & Car Customization - How to Change Appearance

Car and weapon customization in Far Cry 5 isn’t all that detailed. You’ll be able to change the color of your vehicle, but you’ll only get to pick out of a handful of tints. The weapons are a bit better – the game allows you to slap several skins on your guns, and change some of their parts. Since a bunch of players are having trouble finding the option to change the appearace of their vehicles and guns, we’ve decided to write a guide on Far Cry 5 weapon & car customization.

far cry 5 weapon car customization
Far Cry 5 Weapon & Car Customization – How to Change Appearance

How to customize weapons

In order to customize a weapon, you first need to own it. If you do, go to any shop with access to weapons (which is pretty much any shop) and ask to browse them. Find the one you want to change up, then press X on Playstation 4, or A on Xbox One. This will take you to a menu with all the options you have. You will be presented with the colors you can use, as well the modifications you can place in the scope, silencer and magazine slots. When you’ve chosen what you want, simply save the changes and you can start using your new piece.

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How to change vehicle appearance

The same is true here – you need to own a vehicle before you can start tinkering. Go to a vendor that sells vehicles and starting perusing the wares. When you find your target, press X (A on the Xbox) to enter the customization menu. This will allow you to choose a tint for your car, as well as one of several bobbleheads. These don’t have anything to do with Cheeseburger Bobbleheads. More importantly, their heads don’t bob. We have been cheated, lied to, betrayed and sold out.

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