Far Cry 5 Cheeseburger Bobblehead Locations - Mint Condition Quest

Cheeseburger bobbleheads are a type of collectible in Far Cry 5. They’re tiny replicas of Cheeseburger the Bear, a local mascot. It’s a bear, standing on a burger of some king (possibly heavy with dairy products OF SOME KIND), wearing a shirt that says “I Heart Cheeseburger”. There’s ten of them scattered across the three main regions, and finding them won’t be easy. Collecting each and every one will allow you to complete the Mint Condition side mission. We’re going to give you a helping hand by showing you all Far Cry 5 cheeseburger bobblehead locations.

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far cry 5 cheeseburger bobblehead locations
Far Cry 5 Cheeseburger Bobblehead Collectible Locations

Where to find Cheeseburger Bobbleheads?

You can find one in the St. Isidore School, east of Fall’s End. As you approach, you’ll see a small shed next to the school bus. That’s where the bobblehead is. Enter the shed and look for it on the table.

Another one is hiding in the Whitetail Park Ranger Station, in Jacob’s region. Go into the cottage on the left, behind the sign, then past the information counter and into the living quarters. The figurine will be on the dresser.

You’ll find one more in the souvenir shop at the entrance to the Whitetail Park, in the west of Jacob’s region. The souvenir shop is the building farther from the road – the figure will be on the shelf.

There is one more bobble head in the Baron Lumber Mill. Enter the large building with “Resist” written on it in blue paint. Turn right and you’ll end up in the break room. Go to the kitchen corner, and you’ll find a figure on the counter, next to someone’s half-eaten burger.

If you go to the Landsdowne Airstrip north of FANG Center, you’ll find another one. You’ll need to enter the hangar through the roof. Once you’re in, look for the bobblehead on the shelf.

You’ll find another in the cabin on the island in the middle of the large lake, in the northwestern part of Jacob’s region. Just walk into the cabin and you’ll see the statue on the bed, next to an ominous blood stain.

This one is at the roadside rest are between John’s and Jacob’s regions, north of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Go across the parking lot, between the two buildings and towards the white board. The figure is on the ground by the benches.

This one’s in Faith’s region – Henbane River. Look for a place called 8-Bit Pizza Bar, west of Hope County Jail. Once you’re there, head into the kitchen. Look for the bobblehead on a shelf above the microwave.

The last cheeseburger bobblehead is at the Feeney Residence, in the far east of Faith’s region, northeast from the Moonflower Trailer Park. Once you reach the house, go inside and look for the statue on the counter between the kitchen and the dining area.



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    Were is the tenth, i can only see nine locations in the post.

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    In Holland Valley, Tractor shed, north of field with alien symbol. small shed, shoot/ hit window to enter. it´s in a fridge. shoot of top shelf to loot cash.

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