Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Locations - Turn the Tables Quest

Vinyl Crates are collectibles in Far Cry 5. They come in yellow plastic milk crates, scattered around Jacob’s Region in the north, in Whitetail Mountains. Collecting ten of them, will complete the quest Turn the Tables in Far Cry 5. The reward for completing this task is $900 and a new music station to listen to in your car. This guide will provide you where to find all vinyl crates locations in Far Cry 5 Turn the Tables quest.

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Vinyl Crate Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates All Locations – Turn the Tables Quest

Where and How to Start Vinyl Crates Quest in Far Cry 5?

The first step to get the Vinyl Crates mission is to head to Jacob’s Region and collect enough resistance points to trigger the first event mission. This mission, called “The World is Weak,” will let you join the Whitetail Militia upon completion, and uncover their Wolf’s Den location.

Once inside the Wolf’s Den, talk with Wheaty. He is in the bunker repairing old radios. He’ll have a yellow box on his table, next to the lamp. The story mission he gives at the start is called “Gearing Up”. After completing this mission, you’ll gain access to the “Turn the Tables” side mission. Keep in mind that he will refuse to talk with you at first. You have speak with Eli before that. You should do that anyway, since she gives you another story mission, “Radio Silence”.

Wheaty Vinyl Crate Turn the Tables Mission Giver Far Cry 5

Note: If you’ve collected any of the Vinyl Crates before the quest, don’t worry, they’ll count. Wheaty will ask you to collect these crates in three rounds. The number of previously collected crates counts, and you can even skip going outside the bunker, as you can complete these steps right away.

Where to find Vinyl Crates?

This one is located in the southwestern part of the Whitetail Mountains region. It is below the nearby road, within the compound of Dansky Cabin. Since there is a big drop from the road, you can actually jump from it, and just parachute yourself toward the cabin. The vinyl crate we are after is in next to the front door, on the front porch, under the table, close to the blue chair.

To get this one, head to the western part of Jacob’s Region, to the Linero Building Supplies compound. There is a metal bridge leading to it. It is just north from Fort Drubman, where you can get another companion. Once there, search for a white office container. It is just next to the water tower. The milk crate we are after is inside this office, on a wooden desk, next to the computer.

Head to the southern part of Jacob’s Region, where the crossroad leads south to the Father’s island. In this spot, you’ll find a resting area, where people spend their day when they barbecue. It has a concrete plateau with a wooden rooftop, and lots of picnic tables. Underneath this rooftop, you’ll find a small orange tent, and the vinyl crate will be in front of it. Note: For some reason, this vinyl crate was a little bugged for me. Although I’ve picked it up many times, every time I did so and then fast-traveled, the game simply didn’t register it, and I needed to do it again. My advice is to leave it for the end; then don’t fast travel, and try not to die.

In the northeastern central part of the Whitetail Mountains, west from the F.A.N.G. CENTER (the one with the bright orange rooftop), you’ll spot a small bridge. West from this bridge is the North Park Entrance checkpoint. Close to the road here, you can see an office house, where you can report forest fires. If you go inside, and check the squat bookshelves, you can pick up the yellow milk crate.

This time, we are in the far southeast of Jacob’s Region. Head to the woods, just east from Baron Lumber Mill. A small dusty road leads to a science outpost/trailer, with a camp outside. When you come here for the first time, you’ll have to defend the scientist from the wolves. If you take a close look at the camp’s tent, there should be a vinyl crate in its corner, a bit outside the tent’s rooftop protection.

In the southwestern central part of Jacob’s region, east from the Wolf’s Den, south from the central part of a long road, there is the Red Tail Cabin. A small dusty path leads to this wooden cabin. There is a pile of wood, and a tiny shack in front of it. The crate is inside of the cabin, left from the front entrance, on a kitchen desk, close to the window.

Another cabin, this time in the southwestern part of Jacob’s Region. It is inside a deep canyon, northeast from the largest mountain range in this zone. If you jump from the nearby long bridge, you can parachute yourself down towards it. There is a wooden fence in front of it, with a small shack behind the house. The vinyl crate is on a wooden table, next to the sofa and the TV.

Now, let’s head to the western part of the Whitetail Mountains, where the larger lake is. Climbing here will take a while, so I strongly suggest to parachute yourself down with an air-drop from a nearby post. Once more, we need to search for a cabin, made out of stone this time, called the Hunter’s Pass Shelter. It overlooks the nearby lake, and has a Vinyl Crate inside, on a wooden table, next to the oven.

In the far southwestern part of the Whitetail Mountain, on a road that leads to John’s Region, there’s the South Park Entrance Place of Interest. Like any other road entrance, it has a car checkpoint, and a small office next to it. This office has a green roof and a single room. The vinyl crate here is on the floor, and it is easy to miss, due to its bright yellow color.

Breakthrough Camp, which is found in the southern part of Jacob’s Region, is our next stop. This Place of Interest is positioned northwest from the endgame Father’s Island. It is a larger compound, with heavy enemy presence. It differs from the others by the large number of wooden fences, where they keep animals. Find a house with a sign Gookookooo Lodge above its front entrance, with a green-colored porch and wooden columns. Go inside this cabin, and look left from the front door to find the Vinyl Crate. Note: This was another broken Vinyl Crate location for me. If I decided to leave after getting the collectible by using the fast travel option, the game wouldn’t register it. I had to gather it without going through any sort of loading screen in order to complete the Turn the Tables mission.

Vinyl Crates Count is Bugged, Can’t Complete the Quest

These vinyl crates are sometimes found within the Point of Interest where certain missions take place. If you, for example, just want to pick these crates up, and don’t bother with the other quests, or for any other reason, the game can sometimes refuse to take collecting them into account after a while. I’ve had this happen to two of the crates, and I mentioned both cases in the text above.

To avoid the problem with Vinyl Crates not being registered for the quest count, I had to avoid any kind of loading, or any fast traveling at any point during the quest. This means that traveling between the vinyl crates locations should not be interrupted at any point of the quest. I’ve had to travel on foot (or by air) toward the crates that were still there, despite me having picked them up before. On the bright side, the ones that were bugged for me stayed marked on the map, so I could easily distinguish which ones caused the problem.

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  1. S

    I have 10/10 crates but can’t get back in the bunker or talk to anyone because I killed Eli in the story, can’t complete because of that, any ideas? Thanks

    1. A

      I have the same thing happening to me, but wasn’t killing Eli mandatory for progression in the story? I don’t remember making any important choices, I just did the mission.

    2. D

      Same here, have all the crates, but bunker is empty, cause i kill Eli 🙁

  2. S

    Ditto. Quest is permanently bugged after Eli is killed. Have collected all crates bought the map even. nothing. don’t work.

  3. N

    I killed eli as well but i can get in just fine… i fast traveled to the wolfs den. I havnt tried to enter from the surface tho

  4. A

    I have all of the crates on the map collected, but the game says to collect a second set, which don’t show on the map.

    Also, Wolves Den is empty…. Not sure what to do.

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