Pokemon Go Introducing Mew & Daily Quest System

Pokemon Go trainers will get a whole new type of mission, starting March 30th. Niantic will be introducing a daily quest system, offering you different missions to complete while hunting for Pokemon. On top of that, Mew will finally be coming into the game, which is reason enough to do said quests.

Pokemon Go Introducing Mew & Daily Quest System
Pokemon Go Introducing Mew & Daily Quest System

Niantic continue to step up their Pokemon Go game. They’ve announced a whole new system of daily quests, which will be available worldwide later in the week. Specifically, according to a post from the Pokemon Twitter account, the daily quests will start on March 30th. In short, there will be two types of quests that you’ll be able to complete. Finishing them will reward you with various useful items and Pokemon encounters. Completing at least one a day gets you a stamp, and if you get seven stamps, you might even get “an encounter with a Legendary Pokemon!” Or, maybe even a certain Mythical Pokemon? The rarest of them all? It could happen.

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So, basically, there will be two types of “research” daily quests. The first one is called Field Research. You’ll be able to gather these tasks by spinning PokeStops, and they’ll give you different objectives. These can include discovering and catching specific Pokemon, battling, and so on. The second type is Special Research, which you’ll get from Professor Willow personally. No further details on that so far. You can complete as many tasks as you want during a single day. They can vary in difficulty, too, so harder quests will net you greater rewards. Completing at least one Field Research task a day will reward you with one of the aforementioned Stamps. You can earn only one a day, so you’ll have to complete at least one task for a whole week to get a shot at Mew. So, get ready for the end of March, trainers!

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