Far Cry 5 Perk Magazine Locations in John's Region

Perk magazines are collectibles in Far Cry 5. When collected, they grant you additional skill points. They’re scattered all across the map, and you’ll want to find as many as you can. There’s only a handful of them in John’s region, Holland Valley. If you want to unlock all the abilities, you’ll need to find each and every one of them. We’re going to help you by showing you all Far Cry 5 perk magazine locations in John’s Region.

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Note: We also have guides with perk magazine locations in Jacob’s Region, as well a list of Faith’s Region perk magazines, if you’re looking for those.

Where to find perk magazines in Holland Valley

You’ll find the first magazine at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, the place where you rescue Boomer. Look behind the house, past the crates with the pumpkins, and you’ll find a trap door leading to a bunker. Go down the ladder and you’ll find the collectible on the lower bed on the right.

Another one is hidden near Sergey’s Place, near the river southeast of Rae-Rae’s farm. Follow the train tracks along the river, and you’ll run into an overturned train car. Climb it, and you’ll be able to jump inside from the top. Once you’re in, look for the magazine on a weapon crate.

The next one is at the Sawyer Residence, a lone house on the river east of Fall’s End. There’s a shed in the back yard, with a big red star on the side. Enter it, then use the trap door to enter the bunker. You’ll find the collectible on the shelf by the beds, on the right side.

One magazine is hidden in the old silo east of Rye & Sons Aviation. Use the ladder to get up to the improvised living space in the silo, then climb through the hole in the mesh ceiling to the top level.

Another is in the depths of Frobisher’s Cave, north of Fall’s End. Once you’re inside, just follow the tunnel to the main chamber. The magazine will be next to a chest on the right.

There’s one at the Eden’s Gate Greenhouse, south of the Lamb of God church. Once you get there, you’ll see a wind turbine next to a building. The magazine is on the platform on top of the wind turbine. To get there, you’ll first need to climb on top of the white building with the green roof, then jump onto the round building. Use the ladder to get you to the top.

If you search the bunker of the lone house in halfway between Fall’s End and Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, you’ll find another magazine. The hatch leading into the bunker is in the wooden shack behind the house.

Go to the St. Isidore School, northeast of Fall’s End. When you get there, enter the shed behind the school bus (the smaller of the two buildings). You’ll see the magazine on the table on your left.



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    how do you get the ladder down for the ‘old silo’ location east of Rye & Sons Aviation?

    1. G

      Er, you just shoot the lock holding it in place.

  2. L

    Woodson’s pig farm has a magizine in the kitchen, . Johns. Region.

  3. E

    There is a magazine at an unmarked location straight south of Adams Ranch.

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    edit: went there again after some time and it was down…

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