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Far Cry 5 prepper stashes in Faith’s region are locations that reward you with per magazines and many supplies, such as ammo. Finding every one of them is a little puzzle, in Far Cry 5 terms. There’s a number of prepper stashes in Faith’s region. Some of them are more interesting to find than others. Regardless, you are going to want those perk magazines for perk points. That being said, here’s where to find Far Cry 5 prepper stash locations in Faith’s region.

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In case the other two areas are bothering you, you should check out our guides for prepper stashes in John’s region, or the Faith’s region prepper stash locations.

Overwatch Prepper Stash

The beginning of the Overwatch prepper stash “riddle” is on the top of Taft Lookout Tower in Faith’s Region. The tower is near Drubman Marina, to the southeast. To find the note telling you the location of the prepper stash is on top of the tower, along with a fishing magazine and some other items. The note will tell you that the stash is on top of Raptor Peak, which is near the lookout tower, to the northeast. Climbing the mountain is a laborious effort of grappling and swinging, but you can pick up some loot on the way. Alternatively, just take the helicopter that’s near the lookout tower and fly to the top. There, you’ll find a camping tent, a dead man holding a pan, and a ton of loot, including three perk magazines.

Animal Control Prepper Stash

You’ll find the note of this stash on an offroad path heading southeast, off the highway. It’s north of Peaches Taxidermy and south of Drubamn Marina. The note will tell you that the stash is in Howling Cave, which is just ahead of the note’s location. You’ll have to explore deep into the cave, so beware of enemies. Once you enter the first part of the cavern, it might seem that it’s a dead end, but if you look up, you’ll see a place where you can grapple up. Keep climbing, and, at one point, you’ll have to drop into a lake below. Climb out of the water and keep going forward. In the next cavern you come across, there will be several enemies you’ll have to kill. Then, locate another grappling point and climb up. You’ll find a helicopter there, and the three perk magazines on pallet nearby. You can use the helicopter to fly out of the cave.

Pooper Scooper Prepper Stash

To begin the search for this prepper stash in Faith’s Region, you have to go to the Silver Lake Summer Camp. It’s on the east bank of the lake, southwest of Drubman Marina and northwest of Peaches Taxidermy. The note is next to the notice board. It’ll tell you that somebody fed the master key to the cabins to a dog. The dogs are in the main building, which is right next to the notice board. Go around the building until you find the scaffolding. Climb up it, then smash the boards covering the window. Go isnide, and you’ll see a dead dog on the floor, with some poop on papers on the floor. Pick them up to get the master key. Exit the main building and head over to cabin number 2. That’s where you’ll find the Pooper Scooper prepper stash.

Dead Man’s Treasure Prepper Stash

The note pointing you to this prepper stash is next to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. The cabin is between Angel’s Peak and Rock Bass lake, northwest of Moonflower Trailer Park. It will tell you to search the “cave behind the waterfall,” and that you’ll have to “stop flow and grapple down.” You then have to go into the cabin, by going behind it and going inside the small cavern. Climb up through the floor and pick up the yellow Waterfall Wheel. Then, rappel down through the only open window, and the game will show you where to place the wheel. Turn it, and slide down to the grapple point. Rappel down, and, about half-way, you’ll see a small cave. Go inside, and you’ll find the Dead Man’s Treasure prepper stash in Faith’s region.

The Angel’s Grave Prepper’s Stash

To find the note of this stash, you’ll have to go to the locked entrance of Horned Serpent Cave. It’s east of Moonflower Trailer Park, to the southeast of Rock Bass Lake. The prepper’s note tells you that the Peggie shave been throwing people into a nearby crevasse. You have to go down there to find the perk magazines and other stuff. Right next to the note, there are two grappling points above you. Use them to climb up all the way to the top. Follow the dirt path on the right until you arrive at the deep cavern going down. Climb and rappel down all the way. The water down there harms you if you wade through it, so you’ll have to climb, grapple-swing and rappel across it. Just follow the path of the blue ropes. At the end of the cavern, you’ll find the stash.

Getaway Prepper’s Stash

The note for the Getaway prepper stash is in McCallough’s Garage. It’s east of Hope County Jail, southeast of Moonflower Trailer Park. The note is next to the locked double-doors. When you read the note, you’ll learn that you have to find a key somewhere in the garage. Go behind the garage and smash the boards blocking the door. Go inside and press the button the opposite wall to open the garage. Make your way over the boxes until you reach the bathroom, where you’ll find the keycard hanging on the wall. Then, go back to where you found the note, and open the locked double-doors with the keycard to access the stash.

Side Effects Prepper Stash

Head over to Bright Warden Radon Spa southeast of Hope County Jail. The note is near the entrance into the mine.As the note tells us, the stash is in a radon health mine. To find it, though, you first have to find a switch and/or generator to get the power going. So, go inside the mine, and you’ll see a locked door on the right. So, go left, and traverse the cavern until you come across the generator. There will be some planks that will be difficult to break. When you turn it on, go back all the way to the locked door. Beware the zombies on the way back. The Side Effects prepper stash is behind the door.

O’Hara’s Haunted House Prepper Stash

This prepper stash note is in O’Hara’s Haunted House. It’s just across the large, metal bridge connecting Faith’s region and John’s region in the south, across Dead Man’s River. The note is inside a small cabinet, with a literal giant arrow pointing to it. It will tell you to climb on top of the barn. To do so, you’ll have to go behind the nearby blue house and climb onto the rood. From there, drop down onto the scaffolding, then enter the house through the window. Pick up the comic book while you’re there. Then, flip the switch on the wall. Go inside the house of horrors. Go all the way through, climb up the ledge, and there’s the stash. The perk magazines are on the shelves to the right of the window.

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