Far Cry 5 Silo Locations - Light 'Em Up Side Mission in John's Region

Silos in Far Cry 5 are your target in the Light ‘Em Up side mission. You can pick it up in John’s Region. The aim is to find all 14 silos in John’s region and destroy them. However, they’re spread all over the map, so finding them can be a bit of a bother. So, we’re going to show you where to find silos in John’s Region of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Silo Locations - Light 'Em Up Side Mission in John's Region
Far Cry 5 Silo Locations – Light ‘Em Up Side Mission in John’s Region

John’s Region Light ‘Em Up Quest – Where to Find Silos?

Silos that you need to destroy are strewn all across John’s region. The first one you can annihilate is near Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, which is a large house in the north of the region. Next up, you can take the dirt road south from the Pumpkin Farm to Strickland Farm and get rid of the silo there.

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Since you’re in the general area, your next target can be Gardenview Orchards. Follow the road heading northeast of the Pumpkin Farm to get there. Next up, we’ll have several locations around Fall’s End, which is in the center of John’s Region. East of Fall’s End, you can find Sunrise Threshing.

Northeast of Fall’s End, across the highway, is Red’s Farm Supply, and yet another silo. Then, a little further east and a bit to the south, we have Hyde Barn. Get rid of the silo, then we head further.

Just west from Fall’s End, you’ll find Parker Laboratories. There, you can also start the Aliens quest chain and earn the Magnopulser Weapon. Then, there’s Bradbury Farm to the southwest, just southwest of the crop circles, which you can easily spot on the map.

A little bit to the east of our previous location, there’s Bradbury Hay Field, which also has a silo. Time to travel further now. Our next target is Davenport Farm, which is next to a large field northeast of Fall’s End and northwest of Lamb of God Church.

From there, we can go further east of Fall’s End, to Flatiron Stockyards. It’s west of Dead Man’s River. North of the previous location, there’s Holland Valley Station. Follow the highway north of Fall’s End to the east. Go to the crossroad where the south road leads to a bridge. Head left there, to the north.

Now, head to Rye & Sons Aviation, and use the road heading east along the river. It will lead you north at one moment. When it does, take the first right, and you’ll come across Kellett Cattle Co. Probably the last one you’ll find is in the Seed Ranch outpost, in the south of the region, southwest of Rye & Sons Aviation. It’s pretty heavily guarded, so get ready to tussle.

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  1. J

    Not helpful at all if I’m trying to figure out which ones I missed. Don’t want to go through all 14, would be nice to just show all the locations on one map instead of 14 individual images.

  2. It’s helpful that you gave all locations. But I need know what the heck is going on, I visited all the locations, all of them blown up! But the problem is it saying that I only destroyed 13. I would appreciate a reply to help fix this. I was wounding if anybody knew about locations for the notes that lead to a silo maybe if I read note it respwan a silo. I don’t know how to fix this. I even threw bombs in the silo to try and destroy them again.

    1. J

      Ishkatu I am having the same problem maybe a glitch??

    2. C
      COLT H

      I’m having that exact same issue.
      I went to each silo, in order, and I still only got credit for 13/14.

  3. T

    Think it’s a glitch. There is supposed to be one just east of the kellett cattle co right next to the river in a small triangle of the woods. Nothing there and it’s the last one I’m looking for.

    1. C
      COLT H

      Sometimes, this site gets “East” & “West” mixed up.

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