Far Cry 5 Vector 45 Seems to Be In The Game, But Nobody Can Get It

Vector 45 has been sighted in Far Cry 5. The fan favorite weapon from the previous games has been spotted in a Youtube video a couple of days ago, but nobody – including the video’s author – knows how to unlock the gun. We decided to dive in and investigate the strange case of the Far Cry 5 Vector 45, and try to get our grubby mitts on it.

far cry 5 vector 45
Far Cry 5 Vector 45

How to get Vector 45 in Far Cry 5?

It seems like you can’t, at least for now. We’ve tried several different approaches, but with no results. First we tried visiting the same vendor as the one in the video, thinking this might be the one vendor-specific weapon in the game. It wasn’t. Then we tried looking for any prepper stashes, side missions or cultist object we might’ve missed. We though it may be a reward for completing something we missed. It wasn’t. Even after clearing out pretty much everything, we didn’t manage to unlock the SMG.

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What’s funny is that we don’t even have an empty slot in the weapons store for it. There are four SMGs we can see, and all four are unlocked. There has been some speculation in the online communities about it being a DLC weapon, but that still doesn’t explain the Youtube video. If it were an image, we’d suspect foul play, but videos are hard to fake. It also couldn’t have been a mod/hack, since PC press copies were delayed – any video from before the game’s release date were recorded on console.

We’re definitely going to keep digging, though – we want this legendary SMG as much as the next gun nut. We’ll keep you posted, in case there are any revelations. If you have any info about the Vector that we failed to mention, feel free to leave a comment.

How to obtain Vector 45 on PC?

Apparently, there’s a way to cheat the game into giving you the gun, but it’s only available on the PC version. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but it seems to be working. Faintstrider has written a detailed explanation of the method in the comments (thanks Faintstrider!), but here’s the short version:
  1. Open up the game’s folder and backup patch.dat and patch.fat
  2. Make copies of common.dat and common.fat somewhere
  3. Rename the copies to patch.dat and patch.fat
  4. Copy them into the game’s folder, rewriting when prompted. At this point, your game will be reverted to 1.0
  5. Launch the game, load up your save, do something then save and quit
  6. Copy the backup of the original patch.dat and patch.fat back into the folder (with a rewrite). This will get the game back to the current version
  7. Launch the game and look for the weapon in the shop
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  1. M
    Marek Kalina

    I’ve been investigating it since I’ve played the game…

    1. C
      Cory S

      The Vector will most likely be a reward for the live events, which will “reward players with exclusive weapons, skins, vehicles and outfits.” The first live event starts April 3rd and a new event will release every Tuesday.

  2. F

    There is a way to revert the game files to 1.0 and thereby create a save game that unlocks the vector when you revert game to 1.2.5.

    Go to your Far Cry 5 installation folder and move patch.dat and patch.fat somewhere else safe (you’ll need to restore these later). These are the 1.2.5 files – we dont want these right now as they disabled the vector on 1.2.5 save files. This is why we need a save file SAVED on 1.0 version.

    Make a copy of common.dat and common.fat in a seperate folder. Leave the original files intact in the game folder. The game needs these to launch properly.

    Now rename those “common” copied files to patch.dat and patch.fat respectively. This is how we revert the game to patch 1.0.

    Copy them both back into the game folder.

    Now you’re ready to Launch Far Cry 5 in 1.0 patch state. Now load your save game and do anything to save the game (use the save game option if you like). Make sure the game does the three dots animation that it’s saved. Now you have a 1.0 save file.

    Quit Far Cry 5.

    Now simply copy the backups of the original patch.dat and patch.fat back into the folder overriding the “fakes/overrides” (1.0 files) we made earlier. This will restore the game to current version (1.2.5 or w/e).

    Now launch Far Cry 5 again and go to the Shop. You will now find the Vector ACP .45 Classic available for sale immediately – I unlocked it immediately after leaving dutch’s island to test this fix. So it should work no matter where you are.

    Now enjoy your new Vector!

    1. M

      This worked!

    2. S

      I can confirm, this does work! Thanks, man!

    3. D

      Will this overwrite my 1.2.5 save…???

  3. S

    You can buy it in the shops from ingame

  4. S

    The Vector unlocked in the shop for me after I finished the first quest that automaticcaly gets activated after getting the resistance meter to level 1 in Jacob’s region.

    I got a call from Dutch saying new weapons have become available in shops. Then, unexpectedly I looked at the tab for SMGs and the Vector showed up below the MP5SD.

    I’m on Version 1.04 on the PS4

  5. D
    Da gravy train

    I just connected to the Ubisoft club and then it was available for money or silver.

  6. B

    Hello can i do that on cpy cracked version of game?

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