Get the USB Stick From the DJ Booth - Far Cry 6 And the Beat Goes on Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6 are some of the most difficult – and most rewarding – missions you can undertake, “And the Beat Goes On” TH is no different. This particular Treasure Hunt will see you navigate a flooded nightclub. Of course, this won’t be easy, since you will need to navigate inside and avoid getting electrocuted. But it’s worth it to slug through the entire thing, since you will be rewarded with the 1911 pistol at the end. If this Treasure Hunt is giving you trouble and you want to find out what you need to do here, we invite you to read our Get the USB Stick From the DJ Booth – Far Cry 6 And the Beat Goes on Treasure Hunt guide.

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Get the USB Stick From the DJ Booth - Far Cry 6 And the Beat Goes on Treasure Hunt

How to Complete And the Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt FC6

This Treasure Hunt begins in an underground club in the Valle De Oro region. Head to the entrance. Read the note there to begin the And the Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt. Next, smash through the door and go inside. Go downstairs. In the cavern below, you will see that you can grapple up. Do that and swing to the platform with the switch. Turn it on and come back down. Now that the power has been restored, you need to get to the door on the other side without getting zapped. Jump from rock to rock to reach the other side. Open the door. In this part of the cavern, you will need to do some climbing. Move from ledge to ledge until you reach the top.

At the top, you will find another room with electrified water. Move to the right side of the room until you reach the ledges you can climb. The trick here is that you will need to time your jumps from ledge to ledge. There is a stream of water coming from above that is electrified every couple of seconds, and if you jump through it at that moment, you will be shocked and tumble down. Carefully time your jumps and you will be able to reach the top. Once there, you will see a spot that you can attach your grapple to. Descend down, being careful not to let go and plummet into the electric water. Use the grapple to swing to the other end of the room here.

Go up the stairs here and climb up. You will need to execute another timed jump here. There is a grapple point up on the ceiling, but the waterfall is once again getting electrified every couple of seconds. This is your last hurdle in this section, once you swing across, you will reach the DJ Booth. Pick up the USB Stick from the DJ Mixer. It contains the Ay Lola “La Figura” song. This will conclude the Far Cry 6 And the Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt. Don’t forget to loot the chest underneath it, since it contains the 1911 pistol.

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