Battlefield 2042 Unable to Connect Error Fix

Players of Battlefield 2042 are currently looking for a fix to the ‘Unable to Connect to EA Servers’ message. An error occurs that tells people the game is unable to connect. This asks you to check your internet connection and that you check you are currently online. Two options for close the message or retry appear, though neither solve the problem. Read on as we look at a fix for Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 Unable to Connect Error Fix
Battlefield 2042 Unable to Connect Error Fix

Battlefield 2042 – Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error Fix

The first fix is the old faithful method of saving everything then turning off the PC. If you don’t want to restart, then go into task manager. In the processes tab, look for all Battlefield and EA processes that are running.

Click anywhere, then type in ‘Ori.’ You should end any origin service you see. Type in EA and do the same for any EA services. You may even close the service you bought the game from in this way, such as Steam.

The second EA servers error fix for Battlefield 2042 is to click the start menu and go into the control panel. Follow to Network and Internet, followed by Network and Sharing Centre. Click on your connections then click on properties. Select internet protocol 4 followed by properties.

You will see an option that says ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’ Type in In alternate DNS, type in Press ok and close the menu.

A final fix is to right-click your Battlefield shortcut on the desktop. Select compatibility. Choose to run the program as an administrator. Click apply and then ok. Run the game, allowing it to make changes to your devices. The problem should have gone.

Unfortunately, there is currently no known fix for the ‘Unable to Connect to EA Servers’ issue on PS5. You should also keep in mind that this may be a genuine problem with EA servers. The issue may not be on your side but could be overloaded servers from EA.

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    i can not connect on my ps5 for a month now how can i get a refund on the game that i can not play and spent money on

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