Far Cry 6 Lorenzo Children Locations - The Seeds of Love

Lorenzo’s children locations in the Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love quest are scattered across the areas of Sierra Perdida and Conuco, and you need to find all seven of them. However, the game gives you barely a hint as to where they might be. Now, technically, you need to find specific photos as clues, but when you know where they are, you can just head straight for them. That’s why, in our Far Cry 6 Lorenzo Children Locations – The Seeds of Love guide, we’ll show you where to find Lorenzo’s children directly, without messing around with the photos. That said, keep in mind that Lorenzo’s brood are all actually adults.

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far cry 6 lorenzo children locations the seeds of love
Far Cry 6 Lorenzo Children Locations – The Seeds of Love

Where to Find Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love Lorenzo Children Locations

To find the locations of Lorenzo’s children in the Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love quest, the first place where you can look is Todos Santos cemetery. That’s west of Verde River, in the west of Sierra Perdida (exact location marked below). Follow the path of smoke until you find a guy in white face paint with black eyes. That’s the first of Lorenzo’s kids.

where to find lorenzo children locations seeds of love far cry 6
Lorenzo’s child location #1

The second “child” we found was also in Sierra Perdida, on Perdomo Farm, southwest of Hidalgo Lake. He’s locked in a shed, the key to which is on the counter of the open shack, the one that has fronds and woven baskets in it. Take the key and unlock the shed.

children location seeds of love far cry 6 lorenzo quest
Lorenzo’s child location #2

The third location of Lorenzo’s children in the Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love quest is in the town of Santo Domingo. He’s locked in the upstairs part of one of the buildings. You’ll have to clamber up the building opposite the one where the guy is being kept and shoot the lock through the window, then go and rescue him.

lorenzos children where to find locations far cry 6 seeds of love
Lorenzo’s child location #3

From the previous location, head to the south of the Savannah Fields and find Oceguera Farm. Interact with some of the white flowers found in the area, and that’ll create an apparition of sorts. Follow it, and it’ll lead you straight to the fourth of Lorenzo’s children.

seeds of love far cry 6 how to get lorenzos children locations
Lorenzo’s child location #4

Next up, we’re going to the town of Barriga, which is in the north of Sierra Perdida, on the south edge of Cauto de Paso Lagoon. There’s a house right by the water with enemies outside. Clear them out and enter the building to find the fifth child, who seems to be Michael of Vsauce.

fifth child location seeds of love fc6
Lorenzo’s child location #5

Now we go to the town of Concepcion, which is on the horn in the east of Conuco. In the northwest of the town, explore the rooftops and find the woman in red overalls spray-painting hearts. That’s one of Lorenzo’s daughters.

all lorenzo child where to find seeds of love
Lorenzo’s child location #6

The seventh and last location of Lorenzo’s children in the Seeds of Love Far Cry 6 quest is in the vicinity of Flores Farm, in the middle of Conuco. Pet the dog you find at the farm and follow it. The pooch will take you to its owners, one of which is Lorenzo’s seventh kid.

fc6 seeds of love children where to find
Lorenzo’s child location #7
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