Far Cry 6 USB Songs Locations

Like every other Far Cry game, Far Cry 6 is also full of collectibles, and one of these comes in the form of USB songs that can be found on USB Sticks. These are scattered all across the game world, and there are, in total, 15 of them to collect. Once you have found one of them, you will then be able to play its songs on radios and vehicles across Yara. While these are completely optional, these songs do provide a nice incentive to search for these USB sticks, and they do a nice job of fleshing out the world. If you are struggling with finding all of these, our Far Cry 6 USB Songs Locations guide will tell you exactly where you should look for them.

USB Songs Locations

FC6 All USB Songs Collectible Locations and Song List

You will find UST sticks all across Yara. Sometimes they are hidden, sometimes they are in plain sight, and sometimes they are even mission rewards. In any case, we will list out where every USB Song Stick can be found in the game, as well as which songs they’ve got on them.

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FC6 All USB Songs Collectible Locations and Song List
FC6 All USB Songs Locations.

Hitboy Far Cry 6 USB Song

Peak headphone music for tracking down a target on city streets. Beat hits harder than the hammer on your rifle.

“Great song for making beats, or hunting down the FND.” – Paolo.

Hitboy Far Cry 6 USB Song
Hitboy location.

Pulpa De Tamarindo Far Cry 6 USB Song

Capture a bit of that classic Yaran swagger from a time before AC and high-speed internet.

“I’ve only known two women in my life. One was Celia Cruz, and the other wasn’t.” – Juan Cortez

Pulpa De Tamarindo FC6 location
Pulpa De Tamarindo location.

What a Bam Bam Far Cry 6 USB Song

When Libertad frees Yara, there’ll be rooftop parties in Esperanza. Just imagine jumping into a pool with this song in the background.

“When Castillo’s gone and my team wins the national championship, this song will blast in the locker room.” – Jonron

What a Bam Bam FC6 location
What a Bam Bam location.

Abuso De Poder Far Cry 6 USB Song

Start your own revolution against tyranny. Just remember you won’t have anywhere near the same flow as Gabylonia.

“My literal fucking favorite. ¡La amo!” – Talia

abuso de poder FC6 location
Abuso De Poder location.

Sentimento Original Far Cry 6 USB Song

The perfect song for a long drive along the Malecon. Feel the road, and just appreciate the view.

“I feel like a vaquero when I hear this song. A really good-looking vaquero.” – Philly

sentimento original FC6 location
Sentimento Original location.

Educate Ya Far Cry 6 USB Song

Look, even Castillo’s censors can’t keep every single American hit from getting to the island…

“The last FND truck I knocked out was playing this song. Even soldados can’t follow Castillo’s crazy rules on Yanqui music.” – El Tigre

educate ya fc6 location
Educate Ya location.

Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) Far Cry 6 USB Song

A classic of children’s birthday parties and Yaran radio waves.

“Tried teaching Chicharron this dance. It made Chicharron so angry he tried to rip off my leg!” – Reinaldo

Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) FC6 location
Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) location.

Dinero Far Cry 6 USB Song

Let this forlorn anthem remind us that nothing comes free.

“I could raise my prices to whatever I wanted, and those FND fools would pay smiling!” – Gilberto

dinero FC6 location
Dinero location.

Ay Lola La Figura Far Cry 6 USB Song

This is the reward that you will get for finishing the “And the Beat Goes On” Treasure Hunt. A very difficult Treasure Hunt, you can read about how to complete it in our guide.

Cruise down the streets of Segunda in that convertible you definitely didn’t steal, and dare the FND to chase you down.

“In my day, only passion was needed to court the women of the revolution.” – Lorenzo

Ay Lola La Figura fc6 location
Ay Lola La Figura location.

La Bella Ciao De Libertad Far Cry 6 USB Song

This Italian anti-fascist folk song has been inspiring guerrillas and partisans for over a century.

“I didn’t know the words when I first heard it, but the language of freedom is universal. Now it’s a song for Libertad. For everyone.” – Julio

La Bella Ciao De Libertad Fc6 location
La Bella Ciao De Libertad location.

Los Caminos De La Vida Far Cry 6 USB Song

A song for those that value tradition, a hard day’s work, and smooth guitar.

“Fuck off, I’m listening to my music.” – Carlos

Los Caminos De La Vida FC6 location
Los Caminos De La Vida location.

Yo Aprendi Far Cry 6 USB Song

The main lesson you learn about Yara: it’s an island worth fighting for.

“If one Yaran is still wearing chains, then none of us are free.” – Clara Garcia

yo aprendi fc6 location
Yo Aprendi location.

La Vida Me Cambio Far Cry 6 USB Song

A ballad for that special Yaran in your life.

“Yo, but seriously, I dedicate this song to Gordito at least every other week at karaoke.” – Elvis

La Vida Me Cambio FC6 location
La Vida Me Cambio location.

Pxssy Powah! Far Cry 6 USB Song

Anti-authority messaging is rarely this cool. This track has both chill vibes and the spirit of revolusion.

“I know she’s too cool for me but I can dream, right?” – Bicho

Pxssy Powah! FC6 location
Pxssy Powah! location.

Here We Kum Far Cry 6 USB Song

A theme song for fucking up the military, stealing all their guns and booze, and looking cool as you walk away from a giant explosion.

“Me and Alej would listen to this when we went fishing. Probably why we never caught anything…” – Espada

Here We Kum fc6 location
Here We Kum location.
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