Oku's Triada Relic - Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

The Oku’s Triada Relic Treasure Hunt is required to get the best stealth gear in Far Cry 6. While this is but one Treasure Hunt out of three that you will need to complete to get the Triador Stealth Suprimo and the La Varita Resolver – not to mention the Oluso Amigo Stealth pet – going through all that effort for these powerful items and Amigo is definitely worth it. You will receive all three Treasure Hunts once you read the note in Oluwa Cave. The Oku’s Triada Relic – Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt will take place in Valle De Oro.

Oku's Triada Relic - Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

How to Find Oku’s Triada Relic FC6

Go to the location marked in Valle De Oro. This is an abandoned Spanish Fortress. Approach the front entrance and read the note. Once you are inside, head to the room on the right, with all the mirrors. Break all of them until you find the button. Push it. This will open a secret room on the other end of the room you first entered. Press all the three buttons in this room and then head upstairs. Read the piano sheet music. Another secret room will open. Grab the Dungeon Key and go downstairs. Open the door and go down into the cellar. There is a boarded up room here, so destroy these planks and go in. On the other end of the hall, there is a button. Push it and go outside.

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Approach the well. You will see purple energy emanating from it. Jump down the well. Grapple up to reach the ledge where the Oku’s Triada Relic is located. Pick it up to complete the Oku’s Triada Relic – Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt. Before leaving, don’t forget to jump to the platform behind it with the chest. Inside, you will find the Oku’s Deliverance leg gear. It improves weapon damage done to enemies which are below you.

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